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The Intenders of the Highest Good understand that the exactness of our words counts. We know, beyond all doubt, that the words we are using are constantly determining the kind of experiences we will have. By the same token, we have become more aware of when we are projecting an experience out into our world that we really, in our hearts, do not desire to see manifested. People do this unconsciously in their everyday conversation quite often. We call it negative projection or self-sabotage, and we gently point it out to each other when it happens in an Intenders Circle.

Much of the time, these self-sabotaging words and phrases are added onto what we have just said, like an afterthought. For example, you’ll frequently hear someone say, “I intend that the repairs go easily and effortlessly, without too many problems.” By adding on these last four words, they’ve suddenly under- mined their original intention. They’ve sabotaged their own future by bringing problems into the picture.

When we Intenders catch ourselves projecting an undesired experience like this, we immediately remind ourselves of one of the main reference points in the Intention Process—that our thoughts and our words are constantly creating our world. The old saying, “As you believe, so it shall be for you” is a great truth. Since our words are exact reflections of what we believe, it is prudent for us to be much more careful with the words we are using. It’s simply not in our highest and best interests to continue to be frivolous with our words. These words have power. They can either limit our experience or enhance it.

Here are twenty self-sabotaging phrases that we’ve heard recently. You can make your own list too, just by listening closer to what you and the people around you are saying.

1. There’s never a place to park when I need one.
2. Why is everything always so difficult for me?
3. Some things never change.
4. There’s no possible way this is going to work out.
5. It’s too late.
6. I just can’t lose any weight.
7. It’s going to be too expensive; we’ll never be able to afford it.
8. So-and-so is incapable of changing; they’re a lost cause.
9. It doesn’t look very promising.
10. Easier said than done.
11. Well, I’ll be damned.
12. It’s going to be a bad allergy season this year.
13. I’m afraid there’s not going to be a good harvest this year.
14. The weather is getting worse.
15. I’m just real sensitive to those things.
16. There’s nothing we can do about it.
17. What a struggle this is.
18. This is a pain in the neck.
19. I’m getting sick and tired of all this.
20. The doctor says it won’t go away.

My Intention for Today is:
I Intend that I am clearly shown what I am creating with my everyday thoughts and words.

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