In His Steps by Charles Stanley

Dr. Eben Alexander is a medical marvel. The academic neurosurgeon of 25 years was bolted into a coma after an attack of E. coli meningitis in 2008, part of his brain shut down, and his doctors lost hope of his survival. Then suddenly, Dr. Eben’s eyes popped open. During his seven day coma, Alexander was in heaven.

This is a subject that he totally repudiated. There was no heaven, nor a God. Near-death experiences were hokum. Many doctors, like him, admit that what the patient feels is real, but these were fantasies. In Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, Alexander says there is a heaven, a God, and it’s a magnificent place.

Alexander explained in detail how an angel guided him through a vivid world of color, flowers, beautiful music and unprecedented love. God’s presence was felt as he was represented by a brilliant light. “I was rescued by this beautiful, spinning, white light that had a melody, an incredibly beautiful melody with it that opened up into a bright valley,” Alexander said in a recent interview from his home in Lynchburg, Va. with ABC’s Nightline.

Who was this majestic angel who was hosting Alexander?

His guardian angel would be a biological sister that he never met. While recovering, he noticed a familiar face in a picture he was given of his biological family, a picture he’d never seen. The angel he encountered was his sister. Alexander was adopted.

"It is the most profound experience I've ever had in this life."

Was this just a dream? Alexander says, “No”.

The part of the brain that was able to dream was disabled due to meningitis. This wasn’t a hallucination. “It was far too real; the memory is as crisp today as if it happened yesterday. The whole part of my brain that would have made a dream or a hallucination was completely inactive,” Alexander told Fox and Friends.

The message sent back from heaven was that he was loved, cherished and protected, there was nothing to fear. In the life to come, heaven will not only be welcoming, but God will fill you as well with His everlasting love. Read more about this amazing story here!  

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