Food mogul, television personality, and celebrity cook Rachael Ray creates more than yummy 30-minute recipes—she also supports numerous charities. One charity is Yum-o! This organization focuses on educating families and children on eating healthier. They also help teach basic cooking skills and encourage children to eat better.

Ray is help feeding the poor by partnering with organizations like Feeding America. They also provide scholarships to help the next generation of cooks see their dreams come true.

Ray also supports charities like Clothes off Our Back and Keep a Child Alive.

“I get letters from kids of all ages telling me that they have a passion for cooking and that they are eager to learn more. Kids gain confidence and self-esteem by creating recipes and cooking in the kitchen – whatever it is – a snack, a meal, a dessert, you name it! And the bottom line is that whatever you make yourself – with good ingredients – is going to be better tasting, healthier, more affordable and more fun than most things you can buy,” she said.

Pretty neat stuff Racheal!

She also loves animals she created Nutrish pet foods where the proceeds go to her pet rescue for at-risk animals. About nine million dollars has been raised. She works with the ASPCA, and other charities and groups like the North Shore Animal League to provide food and financial support to aid animals. Ray receives her inspiration from her pit bull, Isaboo.

“Pit bulls get such a bad rap and I never understood why-my girls are the most gentle, sweetest animals you could ever meet and cuddle up to adults and children like little babies.” The Daytime Emmy Award winner doesn’t seem to be slowing down in her career or giving.

She's shared her thoughts on giving on Rachael Ray.com.  “Giving is as cool as we humans can get,” she Tweeted. Here is the full list.

  • What if karma exists? Make a deposit in the Good Karma bank!
  • Giving feels good.
  • Giving makes you feel lighter.
  • It's like a diet for your soul.
  • When you receive you have to take what you get.
  • When you give, you are the boss!
  • You can give your money, your time, or even your encouragement!

Now, that is pretty inspiring.

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