God and the heart, why God cares about the heart, heart Bible versesIn case you were curious, the popular Webster dictionary defines salvation as the act of saving someone from sin or evil: the state of being saved from sin or evil. Even though you may be able to describe what salvation is that doesn’t necessarily mean you truly know what it means to find salvation. Some people claim to be saved. They believe that they have taken the right course of action to deliver their soul away from danger and/or difficulty. And the truth is they may have found true salvation. In reality, the only people that truly know are that individual and the Lord.

Not quite sure if you’ve found salvation? Well I think it’s safe to say, if you have then you’ll know. In order to find true protection you must first accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Ask yourself, have you made God your number one priority? Be honest with yourself. Do you turn to the Lord for guidance and protection? The Bible tells us that we have all sinned and we have all committed evil acts. Therefore, as a result for our sins we deserve God’s judgment and this is why we need a savior.

True Christianity is creating and maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior means that you’ve placed your personal faith and trust in him. By doing so, you trust his death as the payment for your sins. Once you’ve accepted Jesus, then you must live an honest life. Not only must you be true with yourself, but you must also live honestly amongst others. Practice what you preach and be an upstanding citizen within society. If you continue to lie to yourself and others you’re only cheating yourself from the life that Jesus sacrificed his own life for. It’s important to stay true to be genuine and look for ways you can be a better person. Finding salvation means spreading the word of Christianity to those you come into contact with. Help your brothers and sisters find the deliverance that they are also seeking. This means from time-to-time you will need to devote your efforts into making others see the light and recognize their own potential. It’s not going to be easy. In fact, it will be the furthest thing from simple. However, if you’re devoted to finding true salvation you’ll continue to honor God through your charity and quest for true deliverance.

Part of finding salvation means you’re willing to put others in front of your own needs. Therefore, you’ll have to immerse yourself into building relationships with others that you may have never did so before. You’ll need to do some serious soul searching and remove the selfish tendencies that cause you to be self-centered. Moreover, you’ll need to protect others from evil by sharing your Christian teachings. And when you don’t have all of the answers, instead of typing your question into Google, you should turn to your God and ask him for guidance and support. In all truth, seeking salvation is a never ending journey. We’re all human beings and we make mistakes. However, as long as we’re sincerely trying to obtain deliverance through ministry and charity our God will recognize that as work well done.

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