Trust yourself that no matter how big the problem is that you’re facing, or how inadequate you feel in the face of them, that within you lays all the resources you need to meet them – one day, one hour and even just one minute at a time.

You don’t need to figure out how to handle what may come five years or even one month from now. Rather take a big deep breath, and focus on what is right ahead of you right now, in this moment. However sad, hurt, angry or hopeless you feel, know that you have all the strength and courage you need to deal with this moment and to prepare for the next.

I’d love to know what resonates most strongly with you so please leave a comment below. It could light just the spark of hope that another reader needs right now.

Let me finishing with this deep knowing: Every challenge you face throughout the span of your lifetime – from the small to the seemingly insurmountable – holds an invitation to grow into the fullest version of who you were born to become. It is in your greatest adversities that you can discover your greatest strengths.

So no matter how dark the clouds seem overhead, hold on to hope that light will eventually shine down again. As I wrote in Brave, hope is risk that must be run.