Ben Breedlove was not your ordinary 17-year-old. He had a terminal heart condition that kept him from being like other kids.

Ben Breedlove

The 18-year-old battled a life-long heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes the heart muscles to get larger and unable to pump blood.

Here the teen tells his story on index cards and describes how in early December he had a peaceful vision after he had passed out at school.

“While I was still unconscious, I was in this white room. No walls it just went on and on,” he recalls in the video. “ I was wearing a really nice suit.”

He recalled encountering a being who looked like a popular musical artist. As the lines of a song played, ”when will the fantasy end?When will the heaven begin?” the entity spoke to him.

“he said ‘Go now,’” Ben recalls in the video.

When Ben passed away Christmas Day, he left behind this poignant video which describes that and other near-death experiences — and how he felt completely at peace.

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