Montel Williams returns as a host but on a different medium. His daytime show “Living Well with Montel Williams” will launch via internet with the implementation of video, expert interviews and HD programming to help people navigate through various health issues.

Williams came on the scene with his first television show in 1991 through 2007. Times have changed. Today with most people accessing content on their cell phones and tablets, linear TV has declined and so have ratings. An online platform will engage people instantaneously and give more flexibility, and circumvent network politics.

“If you take a look at day-time television and night-time television, the head levels are down and have been going down almost every single season,” says Williams. “People are reaching through different mediums to get there information on. If I go back to linear television I’m going to be stuck at a two o’clock or three o’clock and be fighting for what is a ridiculously small viewing share.”

Williams is taking his show a step further by using educational content, in-depth interviews with leading health care leaders and video that accessible 24 hours a day. The first episode is slated for Oct. 15 with episodes running each Tuesday. There will be a portal open to people to hear from doctors from Harvard, John Hopkins, and top medical professionals from all over the world, where clinical data will be less constrained.

“I have been working with top doctors for my own medical care. I have built a relationship with them for over 10 years. So we wanted to put up a quality product where we know we can get out real information without having to dumb it down.”

William battled his own challenges off camera when he was diagnosed with MS at 43 in 1999. He was told that he would be in a wheelchair and would need ambulatory assistance in a year. Bouts of depression followed, but Williams is no quitter.

“I have been roaming around the world trying to learn everything I can mitigate or lessen some of my symptoms. I want to share everything I learned and it can help everyone out. I want a product that can help people get out of this rut that they have no impact on their individual healthcare footprint. We all do. If you put in the time, you responsibly pay attention to your own individual healthcare footprint, you not only impact your health but you impact the health of our nation.”

Don’t miss this ground breaking show: http://www.livingwellwithmontel.com/Home.aspx

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