OrganizeFor years Goodwill has supported millions who’ve been in need. In attempts to reach more people, Goodwill is teaming up with several retailers and UPS to provide donations with their Give Back Box. With the Give Back Box, donors can conveniently ship their donations to Goodwill without the hassle of finding a drop off location. It’s simple, save your empty cardboard boxes, pack your donations and drop them off free of charge to any UPS location. The Give Back Box donations provide those in need with the chance to obtain meaningful employment and support themselves and their families.

Some of the international partners in support of the Give Back Box are Ann Inc, Asics, Ann Taylor Loft, Overstock, Dockers, Levis, Bon Ton and StyleUpGirl.com. These retails are leading the way towards finding innovative solutions to widespread social and economic issues. Shoppers of these retailers can use an empty box to ship their clothing/textile and accessory donations to their local Goodwill. Donors can then visit GiveBackBox.com to generate and print a label to ship their stuff to Goodwill for absolutely free – drop off packaged donations to a local UPS store or notify your local United States Postal Service representative of your parcel.

Lorie Marrero, Goodwill spokesperson, recently teamed up with Goodwill to discuss reducing clutter and organizing spaces.

Lorie is a contributor to Women’s Day Magazine and is the founder of the Clutter Diet. In her books The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your home and Taking Control of Your Life and The Home Office Handbook Rules of Thumb for Organizing Your Time, Information and Workspace. In both books, Lorie discusses how simple it is to give back to those in need while making room within your own space. All in all, the use of cardboard boxes to ship items is cutting down on the trash filling community landfills and is the perfect way to share the charity with others in need.

We as Americans are consumed with stuff. We buy presents for just about every occasion, when in reality before making a purchase we should ask if the sale is really necessary or perhaps is the item something of real need? Since most Americans make a lot of impulse purchases and are cluttered down with stuff, de-cluttering can not only serve as a therapeutic element but also as an outlet for charity.

If you’re interested in getting rid of the clutter that surrounds you and helping others out that are in need check out Goodwill’s Give Back Box program – and learn how you can make a difference.

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