In her new book You Are Made For More! Lisa Osteen Comes shares stories of trials from her own life, using those dark times to inspire and to remind the reader of God's love for them.  Lisa took a few minutes to talk with Beliefnet about the book and her life. Check out her website here!

Beliefnet: You write in your book about a time of depression after your divorce. What was that like? Did it help you develop empathy for others?

Lisa: After I went through that divorce I spiraled into depression because my parents had such a great marriage, I had done nothing wrong, I was serving the Lord and all I wanted was a marriage like my parents. I used to be silently judgmental of those who had gone through divorce, I’ve since repented and now seek them out to minister to them.

When I was going through it, I cried and cried, I kept hoping that my husband of only two years would change his mind and stay with me. It was total rejection, to this day I have no closure, no explanation for why he left.

Beliefnet: Were you concerned about how it would affect your ministry?

Lisa: Not at first but then I realized that I had a big “D” on my forehead and wanted to stay away from the church. My dad was not ashamed, he told the church and helped me get out of the depression and the feeling that my life was hopeless. He said people know we are all imperfect and encouraged me to get back into ministry. It was the best thing I could have done.

Beliefnet: You write about how the opposite of faith is fear. King David and the Apostle Paul may have been the originators of that thought. How did you come to realize it? Can fear destroy a person’s faith?

Lisa: The most traumatic thing as far as fear was the mail bomb incident. January 30, 1990, I opened a package that was mailed to my dad and it exploded in my lamp. The FBI said it malfunctioned and blew out instead of up, probably saving my life. Fear can destroy your faith only if you let it. After the incident I could see myself spiraling into a life of fear, afraid that someone might bomb my car, or my house. I had to fight through it but I knew it was Satan trying to keep me from doing what God had planned for me. The Bible talks about walking through the valley of the shadow of death, we have to fear no evil.

Beliefnet: How did you come to realize that “we must rise above the expectations that others put on us”?

Lisa: Growing up I was extremely thin, I had to work hard to keep 92 pounds. The boys would call me Olive Oil. It dawned on me one day that there was nothing wrong with the way I was, skinny and plain looking but I was fine with that, it did not keep me from being happy. I should have never wasted any years worrying about what other people were labeling me as, God made me to look like me.

Beliefnet: You’ve survived a birth defect, a mail bomb, an unexpected death with your father, and being chased by an angry horse at age 11, how did all those experiences mold your character?

Lisa: No matter what you go through, don’t let it stop you. Don’t get stuck in any instance or circumstance, God has more for you. If Plan A fails, Plan B is to get back to Plan A. God will never allow anyone or anything to keep you from His perfect will for your life. I want to help get people off of dead center and get them back into God’s will. You have a choice to pitch your tent in the land of hope. I am the happiest person in the world. God has restored me, I have a great husband of 21 years and three great kids.

Beliefnet: What do you want people to get out of this book?

Lisa: I want people to know that when things look the worst, you can dream again, God loves to make dreams come true. God is always working with us, God is developing our gifts and he’s doing it for a reason, to get us where we should be.

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