We’ve all heard the all too familiar saying, “actions speak louder than words,” and in life that adage has consistently proven true. When words outperform behavior there’s a continual disconnect between intent and authentic change. If someone claims they want to give up certain life destructive behaviors but repeatedly lies, they are illustrating that the words they say are untrustworthy. No judgment, we’ve all been there and God’s grace has been the constant hand to pull us out. However, as we mature in our faith and grow deeper in our walk with Christ, shouldn’t relapses happen less and less? Shouldn’t we gain higher levels of spiritual mastery over the sin nature as we become more Christ-like? Yes!

Especially when it comes to our faith there should be a congruence between what we say we believe and what we do. The principles we profess to be life anchors only impact other people when they are on full display in our own lives. The Bible supports this idea of faith on display but not in a superficial “check out my cool bumper sticker kind of way” but instead it should be as Jesus tells His disciples, “If you love me, keep my commands.” (John 14:15). James also warns Christians that faith without works is dead. The apostle Paul encourages the new young preacher, Timothy, to watch both his life and his teaching. All throughout the Word of God, it places the utmost importance on behavior organically following belief.

So what does this look like? Maybe it means instead of thinking about the kind gesture you should do for a co-worker, you actually sacrifice and do it. Learning to act more on the good impulses God drops into our heart is half of the battle. How often are those good deeds reasoned into extinction? If you see something that makes you angry or an injustice that leaves you bewildered, take action against it. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on the “discipline of doing,” that is the art of truly bringing your belief to life in all that you do. It’s a challenge that will not always come easily or be the most comfortable, but truly will be worth it.

Have you checked your faith’s pulse lately? Where would you fall on the spectrum? As believers, the doing has to become just as important (if not more) as the words we say. The Bible says Christians should be salt and light. Whenever salt is added to anything it enhances it, makes it better. Light drives out darkness and brings truth to the surface. God is calling the Church to live out their faith and let the Christ in them lead to action oriented Christian living. It’s time that others notice who you are by your actions and not simply by the words you speak. If what we say is the only foundation we build on, it will soon crumble and wash ashore when the inevitable storms of life come.

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