The topic of people going to heaven and living to share their respective stories has caught the world’s imagination, and has increased our faith. The human race is hungry for God—longing for a special encounter with Him. We miss our loved ones along with needing to know about the unknown.

Are divine encounters something to pin our hopes on?  

If you ask the people who encountered heaven, they would tell you it is real.

Here are some of those stories.

Tommy Rosa died in a hit-and-run accident in 1999. He experienced being pulled into a tunnel of light that led him into heaven. He found himself face-to-face with the Lord. It was revealed to him that God created the earth to heal and nurture man and was given instructions on what we can do for good health. Here is what Rosa learned and wrote in Health Revelations:

1. “Living through your heart allows you to keep a high enough vibration to maintain the optimal health you need to accomplish everything you were put on earth to do.”

2. “The body is a gift from God. He created these temples-our bodies-and gave them to us to take care of to the best of our abilities.”

3. “Start each day on the right foot by thinking about what you are really grateful for. Really take the time to contemplate your feelings about each thing and internalize how each positive feature makes your life better.”

4. “Our thoughts create our character, and our character influences the circumstances of our lives-health, happiness, our whole way of being in the world.”

Another miracle was reported when a man came back to life after his heart stopped for over 30 minutes and fought for his life in ICU for nine days. Dean Braxton died and went to heaven. On the way there, he heard prayers that radiated from the earth, and knew it was God.

He told the 700 Club, his testimony. “When I first entered in, it was bright and it wasn’t so much what I saw as much as what I experienced. The first thing I perceived was, “Everything is right. There’s nothing wrong here. And it’s past peace.’ There’s a scripture in the Bible, Philippians the fourth chapter that says, ‘Peace past understanding.’ That’s what’s going on there.”

Mickey Robinson was nearly killed in a plane crash and found himself surrounded in darkness. The near-death experience changed his life as he recalled the darkness of hell and then seeing a golden river of light. As reported on Beliefnet--he asked God to give him a second chance and immediately was rushed into the Lord’s presence. He shared his testimony and explained about this river of light.

“This river was alive and going right through me. I was more alive than anyone can imagine. This is the height of the experience of life. Filled up with life. And so somehow I knew this being was going to take care of me for eternity. I didn’t see the New Jerusalem, I didn’t see any angels in heaven-- I didn’t see any people going before me. This was the max though, I was so filled with just the love and all of God’s majesty, all of his authority, all of his love. Everything was just flowing through me, vibrating like a tuning fork the very essence of God’s nature.”

Police found Cherie Calbom propped against a fence after she was attacked with a lead pipe. There was no trace of blood, mystifying authorities. Who carried her? She saw a light and Jesus breathe a new life into her body and He her to carried safety.

Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Mary Neal also witnessed the power of heaven after she was underwater, unable to come up to the surface. She started praying and felt the hand of God touch her body. Her spirit was then released where she met spiritual beings who were happy to see her. She shared on her website:

“I believe Jesus was holding me, comforting me, and reassuring me when I was drowning. I also believe that it was with Jesus I was conversing when sitting in the beautiful field during my out-of-body experiences. I did not clearly state this when I initially wrote my book because I still felt uncomfortable with this claim. I am an ordinary person and it seemed so presumptuous and arrogant to think that Jesus would take the time to be with me.”

Ian McCormack was stung by five box jelly fish and was paralyzed before he went into the hospital. During this period of time his mom saw an image of her son and started praying to God. Meanwhile, Ian was dead for 20 minutes. A light came into the darkness and there was an amazing peace and love. The Lord said he heard his prayers and forgave Ian of his sins. Amazingly, he woke up in the morgue with a new life, just when a staff member was ready to cut him open.

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