Scientists have it wrong, writes Phillip Comella. “The universe did not create itself from the small bits to the three-dimensional forms of the physical world, but from the outer forms inward.”

Material scientists thus have it upside down: the world does not arise naturally from fundamental equations, but rather the equations arise naturally from the forms of the dream world. The melody came first, but scientists since the beginning have instead sought to prove how the notes arose from nothing and organized themselves into a song that keeps repeating and evolving. They are looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

The universe did not create itself from the small bits to the three-dimensional forms of the physical world, but from the outer forms inward.

In the Real Dream, humans and the outside world evolve together as two self-reflective forms. The internal parts, by definition, cannot control the dream, any more than manipulating an image on a movie screen will alter the movie projector

But in this dream, as in any other, when we fool ourselves into thinking that it controls us, this thought becomes programmed into the dreaming mind and we operate following that guide; our dreams always push against the limiting thought, as we strive for immortality, for peace, for heaven in a material world.

But the world we believe exists pulls us down. The most positive and healthy attitude is not to give up control; adopt the no-limit thought of the artist and athlete, and fight against the belief that the world controls you.We know that the dream must follow the command of the mind, but our day-to-day conscious minds are floating on top of a united, unconscious mind that spins the world out, like a spider its web. T

he end point to the dream—the edge of the universe, the tip of a rose petal, the end of a rainbow, and sparkle in a child’s eye—is a creative expression of the mind. We can explain the laws of nature as the relationships and values necessary to form a three-dimensional storybook world. In running away from nothing, the dark void, we pull hard on the rope and it tightens into a crystalline form; but we pull this rope with an infinite dreaming mind, and leave behind a projected world formed into patterned internal structures.

We exist as survivors, not of a big bang but of an explosion of infinite creativity. We are the result of an infinite mind becoming aware of itself; for a time the wave pulls us along by its own power, but after a while the mind comes to understand itself. It unites and we catch the wave and try to ride it out, mastering it the best we can.

Realizing that we sit at the control of creation is the first step of an eternal quest to command the dream. It may never happen—the dream may always race just ahead of us, beyond our farthest grasp—but we have no choice but to chase after it, striving for an endless future.

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