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Nature abhors a vacuum. To manifest something in your life it is wise to first clean out your closets. Clean out the cobwebs of your mind. Let go of any clutter in your life. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Take a good look at your beliefs, values, attitudes, self-talk and patterns. Look at the clothes in your closet, the friends and business associates in your life and the environments you live and work in. Check out your garage too! What’s in your trunk? Do you know that your life is a lot like the way you keep your car?

Release anything that no longer represents you or the person you truly want to be. Simply let it go and give it away, have a yard sale. If you haven’t worn it or used it in two years, give it away. If people in your life do not support and nurture you, then send them your love and best wishes and let them go. This should be done with love, kindness and good will.

When something is meant to be in your life it stays because it is attracted to your energy. When something is not meant to be in your life it goes away because opposites repel each other. Sometimes, something that is no longer appropriate for you still remains in your life because you refuse to release it or acknowledge it.

Take an honest self-inventory and clean out your closets, your wallet of old pictures or old information, your computers, cell phones, relationships, etc. and create a vacuum for nature to fill with wonderful, new blessings. Let go and let God!

How can you attract a new relationship when you drag around an old one that does not work for you? How can you attract a new wardrobe when there is no room left in your closet or drawers to put them? How can you attract a new job or business opportunity when you have old, negative patterns and beliefs blocking the way?

Ships must be taken out of the sea to scrape the barnacles off their hulls. Plants, shrubs and trees are trimmed and pruned to foster new growth and beautiful flowers. Cleansing is a natural part of life.

Cleansing takes place in all areas, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. It happens in your health, your relationships, your career, your home and your office. The human body needs to detox and cleanse regularly. Clean out your attitude!

If your cup is full, how can you pour anymore into it? What if your cup is full of something that is no longer appropriate or healthy for your highest growth? What would happen if you never changed your car’s oil and filter or changed your tires?

This is a great time to review your life and the past year in all areas. Count your blessings and acknowledge the good. Acknowledge was is old and needs to be released. Acknowledge what does not work and let it go.

By letting go of the old, you make way and create a vacuum for the universe to send you what’s new – your highest and best, under grace and in perfect ways. “I now let go of worn out things, worn out conditions and worn out relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.”


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