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“There are Far, Far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” - C.S. Lewis

You did not come forth to experience a journey filled with pain and heartache. Life is a celebration and is meant to be joyful, adventurous and even at times a bit daring. You came forth to flow and to love and to enjoy life. Perhaps that sounds a wee bit Polly-Anna or hippie like, however it is one of the main reasons you chose to do an earth journey. Being a human is really taking a vacation in time and space. Your spirit self dwells in the infinite and is the bridge between your human self and your Source Creator (God, Buddha, Allah Gaia, The great central Sun...Or any other name) that allows a piece of itself to come to earth and experience a finite journey. You will return home at the end the day and the idea is not to complete life as quickly as possible, it is about the journey.

Sometimes the journey of life gets filled with a lot of confused or even chaotic energy and you are faced with many challenges that seem too overwhelming to surmount. It is in those dark hours that your angels are holding you close and are by your side. Invite them into your experience and ask them to light your way. Each and every one of you has an entourage of angels who have committed to be in service to the spirit who decides to wear a human mantle and they want nothing more to be an active participant in your journey. They are as committed to the journey and evolution of the earth, the universe, and all that is, just as you are. You never need to go it alone for they are always at your side, even if you have never ever spoken or connected with them before. They are there, awaiting your remembering of who and what you truly are.

Find a place where you can relax and not be disturbed and invite your angels into your experience: Say
“I ask my angels to be with me now.  Allow me to feel your love and sit in the energy of your loving embrace. Let me feel your healing light touch my heart and allow my emotions to heal. Help to heal my thoughts so they may vibrate in the highest of love and light and awaken my Spiritual body and strengthen my connection with your light. Thank you. “Bathe in the healing light they offer you and thank them when you feel sufficiently loved and centered in light.
At any time throughout your day you feel you need to take a moment and re-center yourself, close your eyes and remember this love and let it wash over you and once again return you to your center.

The next step is to invite your angels to enter your energy field and meld with your energy throughout the day and that all of your thoughts, words, and deeds be filtered through them to be of the highest and best possible light available to you now. When you do this on a daily basis, your life cannot help but change. You become the beacon that lights the way for others to follow. Let them ask you why you shine so bright and then share with them how you set your intent to co-create with your angels each day to help you be the change you wish to see in the world.

Then celebrate your step and stride. Each step you take is an action toward creating an earth that is filled with freedom, peace, love and joy. Be patient with yourself and the process of growth that you are on. It is not a race, spend the time exploring and completing each step and experience it in its entirety before you move on to the next one. And, if you find that perhaps you went on a wild goose chase of your lower will, know that those too are opportunities for you to gain clarity and focus on what you really want and where to go next and are just as important in the transformation process.

Identify areas of your life that bring joy and enthusiasm, and excite you for more. Ask your angels to help you channel this energy into actions for the greater good of all, so that you can make an even greater contribution to your world. Let your passion for life stir within you, and attract to you those things that enliven your spirit and help you achieve your dreams and desires.

Affirmation: “My heart is filled with passion for life. I celebrate each step I take. I dance to the rhythm of life.”

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