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It started with a thoughtful gesture, during a hard time and has resulted in a glamorous and innovative jewelry line. Beth Lang’s company, Alexa’s Angels, designs inspirational pieces that will “create connections and nurture a sense of well being.���

Several years ago, Lang’s father passed away. Lang and her mother felt compelled to do something nice for the wonderful nurses at the hospital that took care of her father and the emotional well being of her family during the tough time. So Lang and her mother crafted angel pins for all of the nurses. “The angels provided comfort and hope,” Lang said. The pins were beautiful and a huge hit with the entire staff. The hospital staff encouraged Lang and her mother to sell the pins at the hospital gift shop. They did and soon Lang and her mom were selling their pins in 400 – 500 hospital gift shops.

For the next five years, Lang and her crew crafted angel pins that provided hope and comfort to those who wore their own personal angels. “In 2000, we developed the prayer box bracelet and our business grew 400% in one year,” Lang said. “The catalyst to that was 9/11 and people needed comfort.”

At the end of 2002, Alexa’s Angels was in full swing and Lang had a real business. “We were working out of a barn. My mom, neighbors and I would pack and ship everything ourselves,” Lang said. In 2007, after years of hard work, Lang’s mother retired from the business.

Alexa’s Angels continued to grow and be successful, launching more pieces yet maintaining the symbolism of comfort and hope that everyone needs in their life. Some of the company’s most popular pieces are the Miracle Angel Necklace, the Prayer Box Bracelet and Maggie’s Mix-n-Match Magnetic jewelry. The Magnetic jewelry is an ingenious piece that allows a bracelet and two other necklaces to be worn separately or all together as a long stylish necklace. “I’m always trying to be innovative and look for great ideas,” said Lang. On one of her trips to China, Lang visited a new factory and decided to incorporate the magnetic technology they used into her own jewelry line.

The positivity bracelet is another fabulous piece that is offered. “The bracelet is a reminder that attitude is a choice and positivity is contagious,” Lang said. The bracelet comes in packs of three and the packaging explains the pass-it-on concept, so you can pass on positivity to anyone. Amazingly, there is a community centered around the positivity bracelets because Alexa’s Angels encourages customers to share moments when their positivity bracelet comforted them during a difficult time or when they shared a bracelet with someone else in hopes of providing comfort and hope. “It’s a community built on positivity,” Lang said.

Lang said she wants her customers to, “Believe in themselves and believe that there is good in the world. There is comfort.” Comfort and hope are precious elements in life that everyone needs in order to be happy and function in the world.

Being able to look down at a token that represents something that you believe in and need is important. It could mean all the difference during a tough time or day. 

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If you’re interested in Alexa’s Angels visit: www.alexas-angels.com

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