The World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit leads discussion among international youth and religious community leaders in the hopes to formulate a peace plan and cease war.

The three-day event, set in Seoul, South Korea, is hosted by Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light, one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world.

HWPL has over 170 international divisions that center on religion, culture, arts, and public policy. In January 2014, HWPL helped mediate a peace agreement between Muslim and Catholic leaders in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of the organization and a veteran of the Korean War, believes that the peace summit will allow for unity among religions to take place.

“This is the time for us to come together and unite as one family of humanity; to lay aside our differences, and find ways to bridge the rifts between our ideologies,” Lee stated in a press release. “Regardless of our personal views on the matter, religion is a powerful motivating force in our world.”

The summit is expected to hold several conferences and workshops geared at resolving religious conflict and exchanging ideas on peace building initiatives. Some of the topics include: World Peace and Responsibilities: Individual Commitments, Peacemaking in the Middle East and North Africa, and The Women's Initiative for Peacebuilding.

Many political leaders will also be in attendance and will lead in panel discussions during the event. Marisol Espinoza Cruz, Vice President of the Republic of Peru (2011-2014), Emil Constantinescu, President of Romania (1996-2000), and Cassam Uteem, President of Mauritius Republic (1992-2002), are among the few notable speakers.

The highlights of the summit include cultural performances and the IPYG Walk for World Peace and Restoration 2014, the “largest display of coordinated youth action for peace.”

The main objective of the summit is to “define the role of religion in establishing peace.” With overwhelming support and clear objectives in place for collaboration, resolution, and unity, the event is already an achievement realized.

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