Has someone ever did something, or said something to you that tends to harbor in your heart? Well, it happens to the best of us. As humans, we are all bound to make a mistake from time to time. Who of us are perfect?
But, perhaps you just can't let it go. You tell yourself that it's okay. You’re fine. You don't hate him or her. Only as soon as you say it, will those feelings slowly began to infiltrate your heart and mind once again. You think to yourself. How will I ever get past this?
You try calling a family member and a friend to talk about how you feel. That approach made you feel a little bit better, but that didn’t quite satisfy you. After attending church, you petition God in prayer about how you feel, but you where not willing to open your heart completely. This is because you may still feel hurt in your heart. So, what is the remedy?
The answer is prayer. That's right. We can’t just petition God, you have to approach God whole-heartedly without holding back. That means you must pray in complete supplication and humility. Remember, God knows our inner thoughts better than we do. There is nothing that we can do effectively without God leading our path.
So, whenever you begin to linger on past encounters, say a prayer and leave it at that. Once you say your Amen, God will take it from there. How do you know he will take it from there?

Well, God tells us in his word the bible. We have conformation through his son, Jesus Christ. (Psalms 55:22)
By meditating on the above recipe for forgiveness, you no doubt feel blessed that God has found you worthy of his undeserved kindness.
So, what is your lesson in this?
• Surrender your feelings when praying to God. It shows that you are ready and prepared to receive the truth and be blessed by God.
• Pray to be used by God in the way that pleases Him, not you. Remember that God is the cause for everything past, present and in the future. Including your life, so safeguard it by taking direction from the one source that will always have your best interest at heart.
• It may seem hard at times, but try and make an earnest effort to throw your burdens upon God in all matters in life.
• Make it a priority to grow in the Lord. Doing so will open your heart by sharpening your perceptive powers. That means you will develop a maturity that will guide you in the direction to do the right thing.
With that said, perhaps in the future, you may feel confident and compelled enough to remedy similar situations by communicating your feelings directly to the accused. Although, before taking the first step, always approach your heavenly father in prayer. You will see that by approaching God first in prayer, you will more than likely put to rest what could have potentially turned out to be a bad outcome - one that could possibly last a lifetime.
• Continue to strengthen your relationship with God through his word the bible, and he will comfort your heart and mind with his blanket of peace and serenity. Life is a race, we must never tire out. The finished line is there for us if we want it.

Denise SumotzyFor more by Denise Sumotzy click here.

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