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Do you long to connect to a lost loved one? It’s a common desire for many who have lost someone close to them, whether it be a parents, spouse, friend or other close family member. Losing someone you love is never easy and seeking out ways to reconnect with them can help.

People have been speaking with the deceased for thousands of years using a variety of different methods. You don’t have to go see professionals to communicate with spirits, and instead you might already have some trying to connect with you. Once you have a basic understanding of the tools, knowledge and information available to you then it will become clear that you can reunite with your loved ones. Here are some great methods and techniques to get you started.

Hold an Object of Theirs

Many psychics and mediums recommend holding a personal item that belonged to your loved one that has passed, because it’s believed that objects can absorb and retain energy. The energy that is left behind will give you a stronger line of communication.

In conjunction with some of these other steps, holding an object of your departed loved one is a way of enhancing your connection to them. Try holding their objects and praying to them or lighting a candle. The spirit will then have a more direct line of reaching you.

Pay Attention to Signs

One tragic occurrence is when a loved one is trying to communicate with the living, but they are left unheard because the living didn’t notice the signs. In order to identify a sign from a loved one, you should begin to learn the types of signs they will use.

Some of the most common signs involve the senses. Feeling their presence around you, feeling their touch, smelling their fragrance, and hearing their whispers are a few well-documented ways. In addition, they might use technology to get your attention. Weird electrical activity and strange phone calls might be signs. Some spirits also like to leave small gifts, such as feathers, coins or stones, to communicate.

There is a vast array of types of signs your loved ones might use to get in touch with you. It might take some work to figure out which method your loved one will use to communicate with you. Spirits will usually try to use the methods that are most readily available to those they are trying to communicate with, but be open to all options.

See a Medium

Sometimes it’s necessary to enlist outside help if you aren’t able to connect with one of your loved ones. Mediums are well versed in connecting with spirits of the dead. They will be able to work with you one on one to create a “bridge” from the living world to the spirit world. Mediums have a special ability where they can sense the spirits of the dead much easier than the normal person.

Be wary about the medium you choose to go to. Even those who are not skeptical about the practice of speaking to the dead will usually be willing to acknowledge that not every medium is legitimate. As with anything else, there are scam artists out there. Research a medium before scheduling an appointment with him or her and try to verify that he or she is the real deal. When you meet for your appointment, take note of whether or not the medium is leading you on with questions and having you provide the answers they claim to be offering.

Focus on Your Dreams

Dreams are the most common way to be visited by those who have passed on. In most visitation dreams, a deceased loved one often enters the dream and is surrounded by some sort of light. In the dream, they typically will offer you some sort of message or give you comfort to let you know that they are OK.

Many people don’t remember their dreams, quickly dismiss them, or forget them in the minutes upon waking. In order to make sure those issues don’t ruin your chances of speaking with spirits, begin doing dream work. This means keeping a journal next to your bed and writing down your dreams each morning, so you won’t forget important themes or images. Study what your dreams are telling you, and begin to analyze common themes. With time and practice, you will have a better hold of your dream state which will allow your deceased loved ones to come in and visit you. Don’t get discouraged if this takes time.

Pay Close Attention to Special Days

Knowing when to expect a visit really helps to narrow down the time you spend looking for signs. There are a few common visitation times, but they are much more likely to happen when you’re alone, sleeping and dreaming, during a difficult time in your life, or during family events. These include dates that are special to you and your loved one, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other major life events. Pay close attention for signs on these days.

Ask Them to Visit

Spirits can become specific and deliver notes, radio songs, messages to you, words and much more to make sure you know it is who you think it is when communicating with you. All you have to do is ask! Once you’ve learned the type of signs your loved one can send, you can ask them for something more specific.

Many spirits will not contact the living unless they are told specifically that they can do so. It could be scary, traumatizing, or upsetting for many to be contacted if they are not ready for it. Spirits want to be invited back in to someone’s life and will wait for permission. In addition, some spirits may feel they have been forgotten and like they are not wanted back into the person’s life. Asking clearly that you want a sign from a loved one, and stating that you miss them deeply and desire a connection with them will help bridge this gap.

When you learn how spirits communicate and what signs they use, it becomes easier to be able to contact those who have passed on. Do a little bit of work and keep an open mind, before you know it you will have a sign from a loved one from the other side.

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