I can remember tuning in every day to my favorite television shows when I got home from school. I loved to watch the latest and greatest episodes of Superman, Aquaman, Spiderman and other superhero shows. During each of the 30-minute syndicated programs, I would escape from reality (as much as a 10-year-old can leave reality), getting lost in the amazing adventures undertaken by each of these superheroes. One episode at a time, they would conquer evil and their arch nemesis, battle wrongdoing and make the world a better place to live.

"Although the characters were created to be heroes to the inner child in each of us, as adults, we can learn lessons from every fictitious superhero."

Even though we don't possess superpowers like flight, X-ray vision or even a cool utility belt, isn't that what we do every day too? Don't we strive to make the world a better place to live? Although the characters were created to be heroes to the inner child in each of us, as adults, we can learn lessons from every fictitious superhero.

Even Superheroes Have Weaknesses. Stay strong, even when confronted with your weaknesses, and don't be afraid to have them in your life. No one, even the strongest superhero, is perfect. Let your weakness be your reminder that you are mortal. Enlist the help and support of others to help offset your weaknesses. Find strength knowing that you can conquer and tolerate any weakness you may face. You are strong.

Every Superhero Has A Nemesis or Arch Enemy. If you think you can get through life without an enemy, naysayer or antagonist, think again. Even the best of intentions can be misunderstood. Don't stray from what you believe in, even when confronted with negativity. I will admit, as tough as it is, I have battled face to face with my own villains. I found my biggest defense is to plow past them and not adjust my mission. Just as Superman continues to be at odds with Lex Luthor, your enemies will always be in your vicinity, it's just a reality of life. You are loved.

Every Superhero Has A Cause. Knowing you have a goal and a key mission, a plan of attack will help you with your cause. While you should set your goals high, break them down into smaller bite-size pieces. When Peter Parker senses danger, he goes to work as Spiderman, working hard to bring peace to the world and restore order in spite of the efforts of The Green Goblin and other villains. You should have your own set of objectives which will help you achieve your goals, one battle, mission and villain at a time. You are successful.

Greatness Requires Extreme Effort. Anything worthwhile requires effort and certainly extreme effort is required to be the best that you can be. Working without a sense of passion, going through the motions and aspiring to be average will end in less than favorable results. To further murky the waters, when you provide less than stellar service you will also be creating a wake of mediocrity and discontent with others around you. This doesn't mean that you need to work 24/7, miss every game or show that your kids are in and ignore your personal life, but it does mean you should find what fires your passion and work hard to achieve your dreams. You are diligent.

Superheroes Believe in the Power of Their Dreams. Superheroes know that they are keeping the world safe from life's villains. You should believe in the power of your dreams too. Without a dream, you are falling short of your potential. Think of all of the Nobel Peace Prize winners, great inventors and visionaries of our day. Know that your dreams are just as significant as theirs. Put in the effort and watch the power of your dreams take flight. You are awesome.

"You will achieve success, not in spite of your faults, but because of your faults."Superheroes are needed in this world, just as you are needed in this world. The best part about these fictitious characters is that when you strip away all the powers they have, they are just people like you and me, faults and all. Know that you will achieve success, not in spite of your faults, but because of your faults. Work hard to improve yourself and as do, you will make this world a better place live. I am confident that is the best superpower of all.

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