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There will be days when getting out of bed will feel like the hardest thing to do. There will be times when you want nothing more than to be alone while you cry. And there will be days when you feel as if you’ll never be good enough. Have you ever been there? Have you ever questioned your validity or self-worth? Of course you have! We all have! No one is perfect. The outside world makes us feel as if something is wrong with us, but the truth is no one airs their dirty laundry. Think about it, your social media newsfeed is filled with filtered photos and statuses that proclaim perfection. But it’s not true – only the greatness is shared. You’re not seeing the other side of the lens.

Despite everyone’s inability to achieve perfection, it’s important to remember that you are the only you. Therefore, you should always strive to be the best version of yourself. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or looking at the things that aren’t – think about what can be if you just try. Here’s your new 30 day plan:

Day 1: Stop Comparing: It’s not going to be easy. In fact, if you have any social media outlets I recommend that you temporarily suspend them. Stop looking at what is going on with everyone else and focus on your own individual life.

Day 2: Make Goals: A productive person has a much higher level of self-esteem. Evaluate what you want in life and make a list of how you can achieve those goals.

Day 3: Stop Judging: Judgement is different from comparison. Only your Lord and Savior has the right to judge his children. Fight the urge to proclaim judgment on others.

Day 4: Make a List of the Positive: Negativity is contagious. Get a piece of paper and pen out, write down all of the things in your life that are positive and relish in those items. Keep this list somewhere for easy reference – your pocket, purse or wallet. Then the next time you’re fighting off negative feelings break out these list.

Day 5: Be Social: Seek out friendly faces no matter where you are – work, the grocery store or at your child’s school. Be social and say hello. A smile goes a long way and will strike a chord within your own everyday persona.

Day 6: Learn Patience: Patience really is a virtue. If you rush throughout life without taking in the blessings surrounding your life you’ll miss out on true greatness. Take the time to stop and smell the roses.

Day 7: Divvy Your Stress: We live in a world where oftentimes we eat, breathe and sleep stress. Take the time to designate the items that stress you out on a daily basis. Give your spouse a honey-do list or assign chores to your children. Learn how to divvy up your stress.

Day 8: Stay Healthy: Being healthy will keep you in a good mood. Make good food options and exercise on a regular basis. One day you’ll thank yourself.

Day 9: Have Fun: Each day, take time to do something fun. We all only live once, so it’s important to have fun while we are living our lives.

Day 10: Speak Up: Learn how to speak up for yourself because if you don’t then no one will. It’s important to cultivate your individual voice and find ways you can stand behind the issues you’re passionate about.

Day 11: Say No: Learn the word no. It’s easy to get caught up in the business that rules every day.

Day 12: Breathe: It sounds easy, but sometimes the constant stress of a day can make us forget how to breathe. Educate yourself on breathing techniques that are driven to calm people down.

Day 13: Fight: No, we’re not talking about throwing blows at someone. Instead learn how to fight for what you believe in. Speak up and learn how to never back down. Sometimes you can incorporate an effective mantra, into your regiment, to help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

Day 14: Me Time: Enjoy “me” time. Sometimes the best cure for a stressful day or week is to set aside some “me” time for yourself. Do something that you enjoy or perhaps you should schedule time alone to help reset your focus.

Day 15: Tell the Truth: Make a promise to yourself that you’ll always tell the truth – no matter what.

Day 16: Refill Your Faith: Remember that you’re here today because Jesus sacrificed his life for yours – always keep that in mind. Attend a small group and/or go to service. Maintaining your faith in God is key.

Day 17: Educate Yourself: Never stop learning. Always be willing to be take the time to learn new elements in life.

Day 18: Fail: It’s okay to fail. Accept failure and learn how your mistakes can shape you into a better-rounded person.

Day 19: Charity: There are so many people in the world that need help. Seek out these individuals and do God’s work.

Day 20: Be Self Reliant: Think of something that you rely on others to do – change a tire, cook a meal, laundry or perhaps changing your oil. Now seize the day and be self-reliant. Learn a new technique and feel empowered.

Day 21: Accept Your Flaws: Make a list of your flaws and evaluate how these items can help you become a stronger person. Surround yourself with people that make you stronger.

Day 22: Recite “I Can, I Will”: You’ll find if you say something enough, it becomes a way of life and you’ll believe it. Receive the phrase, “I can, I will.” Say it every day until you believe it.

Day 23: Show Love: Always show the ones around you that you love them. You never know how much time you’ll be granted on earth therefore, it’s imperative that you live your life without regrets and tell those you love.

Day 24: Vow to Try Something Once: If you don’t try things out you’ll miss out on a lot of great opportunities that could cultivate you into a better human being.

Day 25: Find Peace: Don’t stay mad. Find peace.

Day 26: Forgive: Staying angry at someone and holding a grudge can change an individual. It’s very important to forgive others for their mistakes and shortcomings. Don’t allow someone else’s mistakes steer your future.

Day 27: Be Hopeful: No matter how dark the day may be, find reasons to be hopeful. You’ll find that possessing hope will give you the opportunity to keep many doors open.

Day 28: New Beginnings: Allow each day to serve as a new beginning. Don’t allow other days to infringe upon what could have been.

Day 29: Become One with Nature: There is a reason why God made nature. Take the time to get acquainted with the world outside of your walls. You’ll find peace, solitude and newfound opportunities.

Day 30: Pray: Communicate with God through prayer every day. You’ll find a stronger connection and presence of your faith and Jesus Christ if you reach out to him every day.

Just taking it slowly - day by day - you'll start to feel like a new person, and all those doubts you had about yourself slipping away, giving up a little bit of their hold over you each day. Focus on each day's plan for full effect, and you'll never look back!

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