They bring people together.

These people are huge human connectors. They bring like-minded people together. They want to help others succeed. If you are among these type of enchanting individuals, you will notice that they immediately display a sense of connection. They may become your own fairy godmother, helping you reach to the next level. They will immediately draw you a map to get to someone who can help you on your journey.

They truly love people.

This is a given. These happy people love people. The irresistible person is the one who coined the term “people person.” They love to be around others. They get inspired by energy and stories. The likeable individual has an ability to attract those who are ready to fly and conquer their own dreams.

They know you must work hard to get ahead.

The irresistible person may always wear a smile, but they know that nothing comes without hard work and some struggling. They work hard and succeed with an undeniable thirst for accomplishing their desires. They succeed because they don’t give up. And, when you are among this type of person, you also feel that ability to overcome anything ahead.

They listen.

Dr. Bradberry says, “People like to know you’re listening, and something as simple as a clarification question shows not only that you are listening but that you also care about what they’re saying. You’ll be surprised how much respect and appreciation you gain just by asking good questions.”

The irresistible person has this innate ability to stare into your spirit and truly make you feel as if you are understood, acknowledged and loved.

They have positive attitudes.

In spite of all the challenges in life, these folks continue to have positive attitudes. They don’t feed into negativity. They don’t entertain the woe-is-me attitude from anyone. They avoid confrontations and always search for an optimistic answer to the heavy questions in life.

They always say please and thank you.

The ability to show gratitude is a magic wand for the irresistible person. They know that compliments go a long way in the journey of life, but what truly makes others like you are the simple manners: saying “please” and “thank you.” These magic words are never misused, and they know exactly how powerful they are in making others feel understood, acknowledged, and accepted.

Irresistible people are those individuals who have been through emotional roller coasters and major transitional obstacles, and have learned that they aren’t alone in this world. You might just be one of these amazing people. You might be so humble that you don’t recognize how you are changing the world around you. These people know that we have a connection to each other. They make you feel as if you matter. And, that is one of the most profound effects they leave as their legacy: they truly see you, feel you, and care about you.