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PUBLISHER: Hay House, Inc.

AUTHOR: Doreen Virtue


In this deck entirely done in homage to Mary the Blessed Virgin or Queen of Angels there are 44 cards in all. The difference with this deck of Doreen’s is there is an affirmative statement on the bottom you can say followed by the extended message in the complimentary guidebook. I am in agreement with Doreen that these are some of my favorite paintings of Mary and other depictions I just love. These cards are soothing and truly make you feel cuddled and nurtured by the queen of angels and mother of all. You will find appearances by:

Jesus, God, and others such as Joy, Grace, Devotion, Hope, Health, Miracle, Home, Optimism, Love, Faith, Be Strong, Mercy, Watched Over, Caring, Health, Honesty, and Grace.

Inside the companion guidebook Doreen gives Steps 1 through 6 including a prayer to bless the cards for guidance, how to use the cards, consecrating your oracle deck, giving readings for yourself or others, who Mary is followed by using intuition and a longer detailed text for each card. Here is an excerpt of one of the steps you will find in the booklet.


Think of the question as you shuffle the cards, and ask Mother Mary to help you with answers and guidance. I often say this prayer, similar to the one in Step 2, while shuffling cards:

“Dear God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and all of my angels, I ask that you watch over this experience, making certain that only the messages of God will come through. Please protect my loved ones and me from lower energies. Please help me release my ego fears so that I can clearly see, hear, feel and know the messages that you are offering. I ask that this oracle-card reading bring blessings to everyone involved.” Copyright © 2012 Doreen Virtue from page 5 of Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards guidebook.

Here is sample message of the card BLESSINGS:

AFFIRMATION: Today, I count my blessings, small and large, and I notice new gifts that come to me from God.

LONGER EXPLANTION FROM GUIDEBOOK: You received this card as a reminder of the power of gratitude. Perhaps you’ve been feeling sorry for yourself lately or feeling as if God has forgotten about you. Mother Mary reminds you that your prayers are answered in many different ways, and guides you to notice all of the gifts and blessings you already have. Sometimes, shifting your focus from “what’s wrong” to “what’s right” can make you notice new blessings that had previously been overlooked.

This is a card of optimism, asking you to purposefully and consciously focus upon everything and everyone that you’re grateful for. You can make a mental or written list-daily, ideally-to train your mind to notice all the gifts you already have. By doing so, you’re more likely to notice the new ones coming your way.

This card also signals that new blessings are entering your life as an answered prayer. Copyright © 2012 Doreen Virtue.

A simply beautiful deck that will make you the love of Mary Queen of Angels.

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