Ways to Recognize Archangel Michael

What can angels tell us about being safe in our world?

Having protection in this day and age is of utmost importance to all. When you are consistently bombarded with imagery, words, and stories of a violent and criminal background, the fear energies will begin to seep into your psyche and wreak havoc with feelings of your personal safety in everyday life. You begin to think that this is your only reality and how life must be.

When the fear overpowers your world it causes much destruction and can cause un-needed stress, heartache and worry. What one must first attempt to do is get rid of the fear they have taken in from these events.

All humans are sensitive, some more so than others. However, what many do not fathom is that they are becoming these people and events they are seeing, or hearing about. They do not know how to decipher the difference between their own feelings and those they have picked up on from the reporting they got from the media, newspaper, TV, friends, neighbors, co-workers, internet, etc. You must realize that by exposing yourself to these types of vibrations you are instilling these habit forms as your truths and thoughts.

This is not of service to yourself or those around you. When you feel attacked for no reason or begin to be afraid of harm befalling a loved one or perhaps the notion of I'm going to get mugged, you must know that these did not begin on your end. You simply are re-igniting stories you have heard in the past or more recently that have taken a stronghold on your fear levels and making them rise above normal levels.

Fear is useful for when you are in a situation that you need to escape from and be warned about, but the fear we are referring to is man-made fear that is processed and created 24/7 by outlets that are based out of fear. You need to take a step back and cut yourself off from it. Take a break. It is all right to be informed of what is going on and to have a balance of knowing there are positive and negative aspects going on around the planet. But, to become engulfed where fear is suffocating you will drain you of life force. Without your life force operating at its most high, this leaves you open to psychic bombardment like that of a broken, and fresh wound that is beginning to heal but then you stop taking care of it.

You can call in Archangel Michael who is the one who deals with fear debris that are easily picked up from your dwelling areas of work, home, social activities, books, movies, news etc. You may use this method. "Archangel Michael, great warrior of the blue flame, please use your blue flame now to disintegrate all of my fears and worries that are not mine. Help me to know that I am safe regardless of what appears to be. Use your sword of light to sever all my tubes of fear to the news, headlines, (insert anything else a person, place, movie, situation;) and detach them completely from my physical, etheric, astral, and soul bodies. Stay with me, Archangel Michael, and shield me from these fearful invasions. Remain as my bodyguard and let protection be mine now and always. Give me your help so that I may lean upon my inner Archangel Michael and channel you through me especially during times of great distress. Thank you, Archangel Michael."

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