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Most hospitals, churches, or funeral parlors have a sign in book where you leave your name with a message or prayer. The same will be applied for your very own Prayer Sign In Book. You can make varying sizes; perhaps a smaller one to carry on you and a bigger one to leave at home. Maybe you want one all for worries and prayers and the other for your wishes. You can even make others to hand out to other people to encourage them to inscribe their own prayers. Here are the materials you will need to create your own:

- Blank Journal

- Angel postcards, angel cards or other angel decoratives

- Angel quotes or prayers

- Stickers and other sparkling attire

- White feathers

- Glue stick

- Hot Glue

You can find blank journals at dollar stores, craft stores, bookstores, or specialty stationary/card stores. You will want to cut out images you have of the angels in multi sizes and shapes because you are going to then glue them as a collage on the front cover/backing of the journal. Once that dries you can add stickers and other decorative decals like feathers, or other applique.

Then, once that is finished open the front journal and put a single angel image on the front inside cover. Underneath write a favorite quote or Psalm of your choosing. I put part of the Psalm 91 in mine, "For God Shall Give His Angels Charge Over You To Aid You In All Ways." This means that God and the angels are looking after all the requests and care about them. You can also hot glue a white feather to symbolically stand for the angelic hosts.

Throughout the pages at the top write the date, a quote to set the mood or intention and simply write down your petition.

For instance, if you are worried about a dear friend that is undergoing surgery you can write, "Dear Guardian Angel of My Friend, or Dearest God and Angels of Healing" or whatever other beings you align with. I ask that you please help everything to go well for my friend Denise's surgery. Protect her, guide the medical team's hands as I'm very worried. Surround her in love and light. Let it all work out well and in her favor. Thank you. Amen."

If you want a wish to be given write it in a wonderful way such as, "Dearest Angels, I ask for your marvelous splendor so that I may have more peace in my life financially. I would like to make more money then I'm earning right now about 20,000 more a year. If you can arrange this please do so. If not, show me what I can do to have more income and be at ease. Amen."

As always write with sincerity from your heart and God and the angels will do the rest and intervene to arrange the very best.

For more insight on angels and prayers check out Lisa Owens new book: Pocket Full of Prayers: 37 Prayers for Healing, Comfort and Life.

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