thanksgiving angel   

Seer Angel says:

“I can see far into the future, but most importantly I can use my intuitive pearls to gain insight into the present day. What is most valuable is to act upon your intuitions' advice with trust which is not always easy. You will reap the benefits and realize that you are the messenger you seek.”

Seer Angel Notes:

*Stop bypassing your intuitive knowledge as nothing; practice with your intuition and see how it manifests for you in life; it would be in your best interest to explore the definition of intuition, how it works, and tools to increase it.

Seer Angel Prayer:

Seer Angel,

Let me follow my intuition as you do,

Help me listen to its every clue.

Show me to trust in what I receive,

Knowing that following these messages will grant me to believe. Amen.

For more insight on angels and prayers check out Lisa Owens new book: Pocket Full of Prayers: 37 Prayers for Healing, Comfort and Life.

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