Angel Affirmations

 Angels, what can you tell us about healing?

Healing is about going within and completely detaching yourself from the ego's constant thoughts. When you have nowhere to go but to be with yourself, this is where the real healing begins. Many want to rush through the process of healing and the ego's NOW,NOW,NOW! “I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!” “This isn't fair.” “When will I be healed?” The thoughts go on and on.

 Healing does not require you to force it upon your physical body, because your body knows that it needs to heal and regenerate. Healing takes place during stages. It can occur rapidly, and it can also be slow-moving. At times you will also unconsciously prevent healing to speed up in order to protect yourself and discontinue from physical problems that you do not want to be around and expose yourself to.

We want to bring you to the X-Men character Wolverine as your personal mascot. Wolverine heals instantly anytime that he is wounded. But, you also notice that he still can feel the pain although it does not last long. Wolverine was genetically modified so that he would be able to withstand anything. Know that as farfetched as this may sound, you also have that healing ability and to endure whatever health challenges you are going through.

Healing is something that angels can minister. Here is a visualization with the healing angel Raphael who grants health to those who are in need. Remember that even though you are in pain and feel low, the angels are there. You may not recognize that they are actually helping you because you have not had a healing take place. You need to realize that we are sending healing into your body and thoughts but it is not the way you want. You can have what you ask for, but at other times it may not be exactly what would truly benefit you and those that are learning from what you are going through. A spark of inspiration may take place for someone who has given up the will to live; someone who lacks empathy and compassion will gain the insight from your experiences; a person who fears ill health will see what it really means and that although there will be fear it will be outweighed by the love given.

Imagine Raphael in his green shimmering energy surrounding you. In his hands he is holding a healing bottle of what looks like olive oil, only it is glowing with golden light. Now see Raphael take this sacred oil and massaging it into your physical body, your organs, your soul and penetrating into your cells. Envision the bright light merging with Raphael's healing green rays and creating a supernova of healing waves completely saturating you, cradling you, and submerging you. Feel the comfort and describe to Raphael your pain, your fears, and how you can get better. Next, you will notice Raphael pulling out a small pouch that is filled with green herbs and bright colored flowers. From his hands emerge sprinkles of orbs in hues of green, blue and yellow that seep into these natural sources. They are blessings. He now drapes you with all of the herbs making sure to carefully cover each part of your body so it becomes like a quilt that adheres to your body and becomes one with you. Your health is safe now. You are relaxed and taken care of. Stay with Raphael, who is looking down at you with caring wishes. Do this for as long as you need to until you fall asleep or feel at ease. Raphael leaves you with a present that is his staff of good health which is the size of a small wand. It promotes well being and asks that, when you need it, to point it onto the areas and times when things get tough and say, "Healing power of Raphael's Scepter I invoke your aid upon me now. Give me relief from (fill in the blank.) Raphael, hear my calls and answer me now!" It will immediately connect you up to him and work into removing harmful pathogens that clog up your arteries to the doorway of healing.

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