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You know how when you want something you can just go to the store that specializes in it? For instance, if you wanted a particular book you can go to your local bookstore. If you want make-up, you travel down to a department store or your local drugstore.

Well, guess what? On the other side there is a gigantic store that spans the world  and has everything in it!

With the Angels Shopping List you are asking the angels to be your personal shoppers, put what you want in your cart and drop it over to you.

Some things might be given right away and other times the lines can be full at the checkout counter, so you have to wait a bit longer. Maybe you’ll need a rain check for a particular item or get another one on sale. It works the same way when it comes to shopping with the angels.

The angels know what they're doing and are in their element.

Just say the prayer with feeling and write down what you want.

You may want to print out extra copies to have on hand or you can use a shopping list memo pad and write it down so it feels real to you.

Another fun thing to do is get actual things you want or a drawing of them, put them in a small decorated brown bag or gift bag along with your list and it will be like you went to the store and are returning with bags.

Dear Angels, Here is my personal shopping list, grant me what I want with your angelic twist. Let it be awesome, delivered with grace and make sure to bless it with your angel taste. Give me patience so that when I want something right away, I know when the time is right you will pay. Amen.

Angels, please stop at the "Eternity Angel Mart" at the heavenly market for:






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