Miracle Collage 

So the angels like to take this moment to update you with an angel alarm…a message to wake you up from slumber that will inspire. In Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 444 combo means, “The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don't worry because the angels' help is nearby.” Isn’t that a great thought? 

Here is a 4:44 bulletin: 

Good morning beloveds! We greet you with this. Angels are here. Believe. No matter what happens remember the blessings. This is proof of our existence!

Hold onto the love you have. It will bathe you in peace when you are frightened. Turn to this love for strength when all seems lost. Love is a life force that vanquishes all else. 

Telephone us. We are always a prayer away. We guarantee our services onto you. It may come from a human in angel form, a messenger in the form of paper or words, a guided suggestion or deep serene within your heart.

Stay focused on hope when things seem out of order. Angels will not abandon you….ever! Let your adversities in life not hold you back from reaching higher. Have them be a reminder of your tenacity and courage. Each one has brought you a gift of wisdom. If they never occurred where would your soul be? Your heart was poured with knowledge, love, compassion, and perspective to better understand seeming hurdles and connect better with both strangers and loved ones who endure their own challenges…but remember you can leap over hurdles.

They are not permanent. You will triumph.   Do not give in to defeat or an attitude of cannot. You can! There are miracles everywhere. They await your reception. Be not blind of the beautiful moments and opportunities in your life that have shown up. For as you peer closer you will acknowledge them for what they are….miracles!

Be on the lookout. Miracles are bestowed daily. Let your defenses down for miracles await you today! Our closing thought is this. Cherish what you have and who you have. This is all that matters or holds importance. Sometimes it can seem otherwise with the pressures you have from external and societal forces that try to make you feel less then but don’t hold onto that..hold onto love.

For more insight on angels and prayers check out Lisa Owens new book: Pocket Full of Prayers: 37 Prayers for Healing, Comfort and Life.


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