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Do you listen to your intuition? How many times has it kept you from danger, given you some great ideas or led you to exactly what you needed, when you needed it the most? What has happened to you, when you failed to pay attention?

Intuition is quite simply the ability to know and to understand something without conscious reasoning or external validation. Intuition is often called the “inner voice” and through it you are able to tap into the guidance and knowing of your soul and subconscious.

Most people want to tap into their intuition on a deeper scale, and one great way to do this is by working with your angels and other guides. Angels are able to help you grow spirituality, and that includes growing your sense of intuition. Angels can actually send you feelings of intuition in times of trouble, as well. Here are some of the ways you can tap into your intuition with the help of your angels.

Understand you have intuition, and it can grow.

Developing your intuition can help you to capture your intuitive insights so that you can make better decisions, avoid pitfalls, tap into spiritual guidance, and to take action to improve your life. While many people tend to feel that intuition is genetic, and you either have it from birth or not, the truth is that everyone is intuitive. Most people have simply been blocking out the voice of intuition and their angel's help for a long time. Consciously or unconsciously, not giving your angel an opportunity to help you is one of the most likely causes of your inability.

Clear your mind.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts floating through our mind every day blocking our ability to focus on what is important. How can we be sure we are following our intuition if we are clogging our thoughts? This is where having a clear mind can definitely help.

Meditation is often the best tool to help clear your mind, but if sitting in lotus position thinking about your angel is not your cup of tea, why not try another form of meditation? Some people experience the same stillness of meditation through writing, creative work, music or gardening. Do whatever hobby or practice that allows you to go within, stay present and clear your mind. This allows your angel to come in and give you guidance.

Ask your angel for help.

Just like everyone has an intuition, everyone also has angels, guardian angels and spirit guides. To welcome their guidance into your life, all you have to do is ask. From there, stay open to the signs that they offer you. If you are open to their help, your angels will send signs to help validate your intuitive hunches. The next time intuition alerts you to something, listen closely, realizing that it is your angel guiding you to something great or leading you away from something disastrous.

Sometimes angels can also help you to navigate through your intuition. For example, say you have a gut feeling not to do something. You can call on your angels to help you either get out of the situation or to guide you through the situation with ease and peace. They will push signs to you, through your intuition, so that you know to do next. This is why keeping your mind clear is so important, because otherwise you might miss these signs.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Angels often use your dreams to help communicate important information to you. Dream interpretation is often very unique to the individual, but they offer up clues to your subconscious mind. By paying attention to the types of dreams you are having, you can slowly start to piece together different messages and where you may need healing.

By paying attention to the types of dreams you are having, you can slowly start to piece together different messages and where you may need healing. Keeping a dream journal that you can then mediate on with your angel is a great tool.

Journal about your angel encounters.

When you feel your angel is helping turn on your intuition, make sure to make a note of it. Write down the details of what happened, how you felt, and the outcome of your choices. When you begin to identify the types of signs the angels may be sending you, you will begin to see them more clearly. Your intuition might be that gut feeling something is wrong, or an overwhelming feeling that your angel is standing next to you and pushing you in another direction. Whatever it is, write it down so you can understand how your angels best choose to speak with you.

Get to know your angel.

You are a huge part of your angels' lives, especially your guardian angels who took sacred vows to guide and protect you. They want to get to know you, so they can best help you grow on a spiritual level. Bonding with the angels simply means making angels a bigger part of your daily life. Read about angels, talk to them, and remember they are near. When you bond with your angels you will not only enjoy increase guidance, but you will also experience more feelings of safety, love and courage.

Developing your intuition comes down to quieting your mind, listening to your heart, and remaining present and aware in the moment. With the help of your angels, you will be able to recognize the signs your intuition is getting alerted more easily.

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