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Do you want to be a beacon of light and hope for others? If so, you can learn how to be an angel to others.

Angels are great examples of how to be better people, and we should strive to act more like them. There are probably people in your life that could really use an angel by their side right now. Why not be that person? It’s easy to share love and kindness with the world if you put in a little bit of effort. Here is how you can be an angel to others that may need it the most.

Understand the Personality of an Angel

To imitate an angel, you must first understand what it means to be one. Angels are often seen as gentle people who are there to help others. They do so quietly and without anticipation of anything in return. An angel is confident in themselves and are able to lighten up a situation with a sweet smile.

You don’t need to sacrifice your own personality to be an angel toward someone else. It’s easy to be a sweet and caring person that has genuine concern about other people. It simply is important that you strive to be mature, quiet and calm in situations where you are serving others. This allows the other person to be more open and feel comfortable with you.

Offer a Listening Ear

In such a busy society, people forget to stop and be patient. We all feel like we have too much to do and a lot going on, but that shouldn’t take away for your ability to be a good friend. Offer undivided attention to your conversations with others, and they will feel they are actually being understood. Don’t interrupt or spend time thinking about what to say next. Be focused on them and what they are saying. You can give advice to them too if they ask for help, but be compassionate in doing so. Empathy is a great trait to have when trying to be an angel.

Show Kindness

Random act of kindness can brighten up anyone’s day. Kindness can be showed in an abundance of ways that are very easy. Simply using kind words to spread positivity can lift up others around you. Cut out the negativity and gossip and instead find ways to bring out the best in others.

In addition, taking time out of your day to help someone else is a great act of kindness. Think about what your friends need the most. Maybe you have a friend who desperately needs a babysitter for date night or a neighbor that needs help moving to their new house. Offer up your time to them! Chances are, they will then pay it forward to someone else as well.

Serve Others

Angels offer a helping hand to those in need. We can learn by this and serve those less fortunate than us. When we show a small gesture of kindness and compassion to others, we are spreading God’s love to those who may not know Him.

We can serve others by donating time, talents, money and the like to charities. Maybe you are a great organizer and can help set up a canned food drive, or you have extra money you have saved that you are able to donate to a local homeless shelter. An angel is able to provide for others without complaint and does so with grace.

Pray on Someone’s Behalf

By acting like an angel would, you will probably cross paths with those who either do not know God, or are having a hard time finding Him due to circumstance. Friends and family may have confided in you their problems and worries. Do not shrug these off, and instead lift these people up in prayer. God may even respond with ways that you can continue to help them.

Forgive Someone Who Has Wronged You

If you have someone on your grudge list, it may be time to let the pain go. Take a minute and open your heart like an angel would. Do what you need to do in order to forgive them, and then let them know that you are there for them. Offering your love and compassion will lift them up as well.

Express Appreciation and Thanks

One thing that many people don’t do today is show enough appreciation and thanks to those around them. Don’t forget to tell others how grateful you are for everything they do. When is the last time you told your mailman thanks, or even your best friend? Make it a point to tell them you are thankful. You can do so by giving a quick phone call, talking with them in person, or leaving a note that shows you are appreciative.

As the saying goes “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” So reach out with a generous heart and make today angelic. Those who encounter you will be lifted up by your blessings of love, compassion and kindness. Being like an angel is easy, if you just put in the effort.

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