Female Angel Praying

Do you struggle with connecting with God and the angels? Do you think you are not good enough? Well, first off, you are good enough, and you are very special. You do not have to commit yourself spiritually and you do not have to do anything special to receive God’s or the angels’ attention. The average person can receive angel feathers and messages from God. There is nothing special that you have to do, no magic words. You do not have to be a devout churchgoer or memorize the Bible.

Doubt has its way of clouding our potential and our perceptions. We do not always see what makes us special. However, it is time to shake those debilitating thoughts, for we are perfect in His eyes. Even though there are moments, we feel He is disappointed in us; this does not make Him love us any less. We are deserving of His affection and attention.

Connecting to God is simple; first, you must have faith. God is waiting for you and He is patient. Even though He is quiet, He is working in your favor. Meditate on Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Just because you do not see miracles happening, it does not mean they are not.

Secondly, it is time to change your perception of having to be a devout churchgoer to have a relationship with God. Going to church is encouraged not only for enlightenment and to connect with other spiritual people, though it is not necessary. Church can bring people to help you on your spiritual path. However, your spiritual path is your own; do not clutter it with other people’s perceptions and judgment. Ask God to join you on your path, and ask Him for the angels to guide you along the way.

"God is waiting for you and He is patient. Even though He is quiet, He is working in your favor."
Most importantly do not let your past or your faults hinder you from God’s amazing grace, and from the angels. Easier said than done; but, your angels can help you with this. Here is an easy meditation that will help you connect and ground yourself. Find a relaxing spot you can either sit or lie down. When you close your eyes take, some slow breathes in and out. Focus on the feeling of your breath and imagine every time you inhale that you are connected to tree roots and breathing in energy in which will ground you. Then, when you exhale, release that energy back to the roots. Imagine being connected to the earth, and then when you are ready imagine that energy expanding and surrounding you. Imagine a white light washing over you. Feel the energy throughout your body, focus at the top of your head, and slowly move down to your feet. While doing this pray that you only allow God and the angels in your life and no others are welcome. You must be specific in your requests and firm that negativity that no longer serves you is not welcome. When you are ready slowly bring focus back to your breath and releasing negative energy back to the tree roots, and wake up. Make sure you thank God and the angels, and drink plenty of water.

Another meditation technique involves grounding yourself as instructed above. This time imagine you are on a path in the woods. You can imagine if it is daytime or nighttime. On this path, you can choose any angel to guide you and walk down the path with you. If you are unsure which angel to accompany you, usually they will just appear. Ask to be protected, as you walk down the path and pay attention to what is around you. For instance, there can be a river, and your path can be stone, or dirt. Take the time to hear the river, and to feel the path beneath your feet. See if you notice any animals, and hear birds and whatnot. As you walk along this path, you will come to a cottage at the end. Thank your Angel, and proceed into this cottage. There will be a fireplace, a table with food, and a rocking chair. There will be a bedroom. You can imagine this bed as a brass bed, a canopy bed with blankets or a quilt. You can rest in the bed during this mediation or fall asleep if doing this at bedtime. Once you wake up from this meditation, you will find yourself washed with peace and calmness.

Do not worry, if meditation does not come easy for you, God and the angels will protect and help you through the process. There are other ways that you can connect with the angels, for instance, you can write a letter, talk to them, and by making three angel wishes. If you choose to write a letter to the Angels, it is very important to be specific in what you want. Be careful for what you wish for, it has a tendency of manifesting. Make sure you ask for what is best for your highest good. If you are unsure, where you need help in your life, pray humbly and honestly that they look into your heart. Please accept the answers and help they provide you with an open heart to truly experience their love. When you are finished writing your letter, place the letter in a safe place, and make sure you thank God and the angels.

If you choose to make an angel wish, follow these steps. You are to place three candles at the highest place in your home. Your refrigerator will work. Place these candles on a plate with sugar around them. They can be small candles or tea lights. Light the candles, and request three wishes to Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. You are to make one wish for business, one for love, and an impossible wish. After the third day, share this wish, by email, or a group, giving thanks to the angels.

When you start connecting and opening up yourself to the angels, you will be amazed as to where they show up. They appear in feather and angel shaped clouds. Sometimes, you can hear them sing or hear song you have not heard in a while play on the radio. Furthermore, feathers will show up in random places with no pillows. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open because anything is possible. It is okay that you continuously ask for signs, they do not tire of your requests, and they do not tire of continuously sending you messages. Sometimes, we need reminded every day that we are loved and everything will work out.

These encounters may not be grand miraculous gestures; even though they are subtle, they are very powerful when you experience them. Go ahead take the leap of faith and talk to the angels. You might think they are not there but they are always by your side. Do not try to over think it, and doubt that they are not listening. Trust the process and trust God and the angels are at work.

Even though you think you are not special to receive messages or help, you are phenomenal and very special to God and the angels. You can be an average person down on your luck; depressed, and lost, they will always find you. Please, do not lose heart, be honest, truthful, and open to what God has to say or show you. Remember, you do not have to be a devout churchgoer or memorize the Bible to have a relationship with God because all you need is faith.

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