Female Angel Praying

Everyone loves to talk about angels. They want to know their guardian angel’s name. They want to know what their guardian angel’s name means. Can they talk to their guardian angel like a friend, or do they need to pray? Can they use any prayer, or does it need to be one meant specifically for angels? Can they talk to angels other than their guardian angel? How?

It gets even worse when it comes to signs and messages that are supposedly from angels. They have a thousand questions about the meaning behind the color of the feather they found. Is it really a sign from an angel? What does it mean? Does finding a red feather mean you are going to stay healthy throughout the winter or does it suggest that there is passion in your future? Does the passion refer to a new relationship or to a hobby or cause that you will discover in the near future and want to dedicate much of your energy toward pursuing? What are some of the other ways that your guardian angel leaves you messages? Is that song that is stuck in your head a sign that you need to pay close attention to or is it just an earworm that requires grade-A, nuclear strength, music pesticide to kill?

Some people are more curious about how the so-called “expertise” floating around the internet lines up with what can be found in Scripture. What does the Bible say about angels? How many angels are there? How many archangels are there? Which of the popularly accepted archangels are in the Bible? What is the difference between an archangel and a normal angel? How are guardian angels different from ordinary angels? Are guardian angels in the Bible? The list goes on and on almost endlessly. This is undoubtedly why there are so many blogs, websites and videos on the internet dedicated to decoding the information given to people by angels.

Despite the overwhelming amount of information that seems to exist on angels, angel habits, angel messages and everything else angelic, few people seem to notice the angels that they encounter in their everyday lives. No, this does not mean that every pigeon feather you find on the ground is representative of an angel following you around. In fact, the angels you are overlooking do not leave feathers. In fact, they do not even have wings. At least, they do not have the kind of wings you normally picture on the backs of angels. They do not have halos, harps or long white robes. Instead, they sit in the cubicle next to you or hold your hand when you cry. To your human eyes, they appear to be ordinary humans. This is why you dismiss them. They are not, however, ordinary. They are mortal, yes, but they are also far more than that. They are living angels, and you have likely never even noticed how much they help you get through difficult times or raise you high during periods of success.

Living angels can appear anywhere in your life and at any time. They might be someone that you have known for years, or they could be a person that you happened to bump into during your morning commute to work on an otherwise perfectly ordinary Tuesday. Sometimes, there are hints in that instant that you are dealing with someone who has more than a touch of divine light in their heart. Other times, you may not even realize how clearly the person had God’s ear until you look back at your interactions weeks, months or even years later. As such, it can be difficult to see in the moment who your living angels are in your life. There are, however, usually signs that your friend, family member or the oddly friendly barista at Starbucks has a hidden halo.

Living angels are those people who seem to bring out the best of the world around them. Even when your life seems to be falling apart, they are there to help you. They know how to keep you on your feet, and they know when to let you cry, rage or simply collapse. These are, however, all qualities that could be found in a friend. Living angels, however, take it a step farther. The advice they give seems to ring with some sort of divine truth. When they tell you to keep your chin up, they use some sort of spiritual quote or message that seems to be exactly what you need to pull yourself together. They might also simply message you out of the blue one day. You might not have told a soul about how your family life is falling apart due to your crumbling engagement. You have carefully hidden from everyone how you feel like you are a human dumpster-fire and unworthy of anything good in life. Low and behold, that coworker you ate lunch with a grand total of once shoots you a text with a quote about God’s love written overtop of a picture of a beautiful sunset and the note, “made me think of you!” This person has no reason to know anything about your problems, but they knew exactly what God needed them to tell you. That sort of person is a living angel. They are around just before your greatest spiritual moments or seem to have something to do with those impossible and perfectly timed coincidences. They may be a permanent part of your life or someone who drifts in and out, but when you have someone like that in your life, make sure you listen to what they say. They may not be able to see their own halo, but they know better than anyone exactly what He needs them to say.

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