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Healing happens in many forms and on many planes within and around you. It is time to look within and ask yourself is what you currently have for yourself truly what you want. There is so much more in this grand universe and it is time to strengthen your connections with each other and all that is.  It is time to nurture and comfort yourself as you release any thoughts of unforgiveness from within and let the winds of change provide the freedom and opportunities that you seek.

You are connected to each other. Each and every person is a part of the other, you are all connected through this vast world and each one of you affects the other, whether you realize it or not. Do what you can to strengthen and recognize this connection, for as you do, you strengthen everyone and everything else as well. Honour each other and every living thing (and remember, everything is living and alive with life force, just sometimes it looks different than you expect.)

You are all connected and a part of each other and you are also connected with us, the angels, it is but the human mantle that sets us apart. Feel this connection, feel your connection to the earth, to the stars, the people, the plants and the animals; each is connected to the other. Every action you take acts like an echo and sends that message in rippling waves out to those around you and they echo out and the ripple gets bigger and bigger as each one passes, touching and affecting all life around it.

Nurture that connectedness with love. Heal any discordant thoughts you are sending out to others as this will affect all that is around you. Trust your inner guidance and let it be an active participant in all aspects of your life. Ask the angels to help bring to you people and situations that will help you in this process and that you be surrounded by love and supportive people to help you along the way, just as you provide that for those around you.

Come with me and dip into the emerald green healing pools of love and light. Allow this energy to wash over you and release everything that is not love from your being right now. It is always there if you want it back when we are done, but for now we want you to be totally immersed in the energy of love. This is one of the most powerful energy’s there is. Let this energy of love bring you back into balance once again.

It is time, if you have not already done so, for you to be a living, walking example of your heart. Take some risks, follow some hunches and believe that all is possible. Healing your heart is the best path for any journey, for when your heart is healed and full, you do not carry the weight the world on your shoulders, you realize the importance of each person finding their own path to unconditional love. It matters not who they are or what they have done, love them anyway and let them know that they are not alone and have support in their journey of healing.

Release thoughts of unforgiveness from your heart. If you have been hurt by another, holding on to that pain or disappointment only hurts you and gives them power. Take your power back today and realize that it is you and how you feel that matters. The energy of hurt, anger, resentment, etc., all energy of lower vibration and actually causes your very blood vessels to constrict and less blood can flow in your physical body. If just plain makes you sick. It is time to heal any scars of the past so that you can be free to move forward.

Forgiveness doesn't mean that what that person did to you is okay, what it means is that you are no longer willing to carry this burden. They have their own work through when they are ready, and that doesn't require any energy or further thought from you other than love for yourself and to wish them healing on their own path. Let it no longer be a part of your vibration so you can move forward unencumbered by the actions of another. We know that this is not always easy since some of you have worn these scares for so very long, however it is the gift for you in moving past and beyond the boundaries of and bondage of the past.  The gift of feeling whole once again is your prize and it is time.

You are a beautiful, worthy, and loving being and it is time for you to believe that all is well. Ask your angels to surround you in loving light for strength and courage and believe in yourself, and at any time you need a little more, for we believe in you completely and this is why we stand by in service to you and all humanity and have agreed to be with you through the evolution of your journey and the evolution of all of humankind.

Affirmation: "I am healed. I wear the emerald green cloak of Archangel Raphael; it surrounds me and runs through me to assist me and anyone in need. I am a conduit of healing light and eternal love for all to feel."

In the light of healing and love for you my beloveds, Archangel Raphael

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