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If you ever missed death by an inch, and you believe you had a little help, you may be one of many people with guardian angel stories. Even for nonbelievers, a brush with real guardian angels is enough to make one question their spirituality and thank God from above. That's why real guardian angel stories, such as the ones these people experienced, are so powerful. They make us stop and appreciate God and His messengers for what they can do. His angels are all powerful and can swoop in to help in the nick of time.

These stories share incredible recounts of real guardian angels coming out to save those that they looked out after. Each person was saved in a special and unique way that wouldn't have been accomplished without a little help and hand from above. Hopefully they inspire you to get more connected with your own guardian angel, so that you can receive their blessings too.

Mountain Lion Attack

Everyone in Kelsi Butt’s family was having a great time at their family reunion new Green Canyon Hot Springs, until out of nowhere a 93-pound male mountain lion appeared out of nowhere. Kelsi was walking with her two cousins when she encountered the beast, which then leapt out at her and wouldn’t let go. Kelsi’s mom didn’t know what to do other than to scream at the lion. It worked, and he let Kelsi go.

They rushed Kelsi to the hospital who miraculous survived. Kelsi’s family was quoted saying “We are so blessed she survived this. There are angels out there watching over us.” They believe that Kelsi’s guardian angel was there that day, and helped her survive the terrible attack.

Falling Tree

A retired woman in England couldn’t help but count her blessings as she watched as a huge tree came crashing down on to her car — the same car she’d been about to enter. Thanks to divine intervention, she narrowly escaped death. Joyce Woodward was about to head out for the day when the phone started ringing, taking her away from the car. The tree, out of nowhere, then plummeted leaving the car a mangled mess.

"It just came down by itself, but it does look rotten at the bottom,” Joyce said. "If I hadn't had a phone call to deal with I would have been in the car. I think I have a guardian angel."

Motorcycle Accident

After a nasty motorcycle accident left Kevin Diepenbrock at the bottom of a steep embankment, 105 feet below the highway, he thought for sure this was the end. No one could see him, no one could hear him and cell phone service was nonexistent in the remote area. He was stuck there for 30 hours, but then a guardian angel stepped in. A car stopped in the exact spot where Diepenbrock was laying, and he mustered up the strength to yell out for help one more time.

“You know, God definitely had his hand over him that day,” Kevin’s wife, Courtney, said, “and he had guardian angels looking out for him.”

Gas Station Kindness

A woman named Nicole ran into a family in desperate need of help after pulling up into a gas station. They were all shivering and cold, and the father was standing before the gas pump just crying, wearing clothes far too light for the extreme weather. She knew she had to do something, and became a true guardian angel for the family.

Nicole recounts that the man said he couldn't provide or his family, so she filled up his gas tank, telling him that "the Son of God is proving for you". She had clothes in her car she was planning to donate to Good Will, and instead handed them over to the man's wife and two daughters. This act of kindness was contagious, and two others at the gas station came over and gave the family gift cards and clothing items.

Highway Crash

At 3am Ying Shi realized her water had broke and it was time to head to the hospital with husband Hongwei Zhang to have their baby. In the excitement and nervousness of the situation, Hongwei took too big of a wide turn when getting off the interstate and crashed their car into a concrete barrier. Dayna Dumont was on her way home from her shift at the hospital when she saw the panicked dad standing in the road. Dumont helped deliver the baby and make sure mom and child were both safe until paramedics arrived.

"First of all, as Christians, we want to thank God for keeping us safe through all of this,” the couple said. “Next, we want to thank all of the people who gave us help. When this happened, we thought we were all alone. But very quickly, a woman stopped to help us and called 911. Then a man stopped to assist. They were both complete strangers but they stopped to help us anyway."

Chocking Victim

Louis Palacios had stopped to grab a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A, but he didn't expect it ot be a near-death experience. As he was chowing down on his chicken sandwich, he took a bite that was too big and got a piece lodged in his windpipe. He began panicking and couldn't breathe. He looked around franticly when he noticed a cop was sitting in the restaurant as well. He ran up to the officer who sprang into action immediately. Louis was quickly saved by the Heimlich maneuver after a few strong thrusts.

“I’m glad he was there at the time and I think things happen for a reason,” Louis said. “God had him there. God had us there for a reason for him to save me.”

Hospital Stay

An anonymous reader of liveaboutaction.com wanted to share a story of their guardian angel experience. She had entered the hospital in 1994 with pain which she later got surgery over. Though the surgery was successful, she quickly began having an allergic reaction to the morphine she was given. Doctors rushed to help, but things were going from bad to worse.

The woman says that tried to get rest, but at 2:45am quickly woke up and felt a person standing next to her. She asked the girl, who was reading a Bible, what she was doing. The angel then said "I was sent here to make sure you'd be alright. You are going to be fine. Now you should get some rest and go back to sleep." The next morning, the reader says she was back to health. What an incredible visit.

Teenager Almost Robbed

Teenager Rebecca Soanes was walking home one afternoon when she noticed a strange man on a bike ride past her very slowly. She then noticed footsteps behind her, and turned around to see the man swinging a metal bar trying to hit her, saying he was going to rob her. Rebecca stood there shocked before attempting to run away from the crazed man. This is when God stepped in with a guardian angel.

As Rebecca ran she saw in the distance a Nun opening a gate and beckoning for the girl to come in. As soon as Rebecca was through the gate the nun held her and kept telling her she was safe now. Rebecca and her family call the nun a hero, but she knows God put her in the right place at the right time.

Flying Metal Pipe

Steve Montgomery was headed home from a painting job when something crazy happened. As he drove down the interstate, he noticed what looked like a pipe rolling around in the road. A tow truck drove over the pipe, sending it flying straight through the windshield of Steve's truck. It should have hit him in the face, but somehow missed him. He then couldn't see where he was driving, but somehow still managed to pull over to the side safely.

"I think an angel was driving the truck," Steve said. "When I was down and I couldn't see the highway to keep it in the road, somebody else was driving that truck."

Steve was even more sure of the angelic presence when he snapped some photos following the accident. In one, a “V” shaped cloud formation represents angel wings to Steve.

Our guardian angels are around us, ready to help out in any way that they can. They are here; sent from God, ready to help us when things are looking bleak. When we choose to trust in them and God, we allow them into our lives so that they can help us. Thank your guardian angel for all the help they have given you throughout your life.

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