Angel Affirmations

Yesterday, an elderly woman came to see me to drop off donations. She was winded from climbing the steps to our second floor office and asked if she could sit for a moment. I certainly obliged, and she asked what I was working on.

I explained that after my morning prayers, I felt the pull to write, and was daydreaming about where I would begin. She apologized for interrupting me. After I explained I was having a case of writer's block, she introduced herself as Barbara, and we spoke for a bit. The conversation led to what she thought about angels and she said that her family had recently had an “angel experience”. Naturally, I was intrigued and wanted to hear more.

Barbara’s granddaughter, Carrie, was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year. Her diagnosis was grim, and she has been bed ridden for months, under doctor's orders. Surgery and treatments had left Carrie quite weak and spiritless, and her family was very concerned for her. Carrie had always been high-spirited, and a go-getter who set out to conquer whatever obstacle was set before her. Unfortunately, this tumor was slowly draining the life out of her.

A few months ago, Carrie had the same dream three nights in a row. Each morning, she woke up and told her parents that her grandfather, who was recently deceased, had come in her room the night before and sat on her bed, telling her that it wasn’t time for her to go to Heaven just yet, and that she was still needed in her Earthly vessel. As she told her parents about her dream, she expressed how very real the nightly visits seemed to her, and that she really believed that it was her grandfather there in the room with her.

On the fourth night Carrie had another dream, but this time her grandfather wasn’t there. Instead, at the foot of her bed was a towering masculine figure surrounded by a great golden light. The figure told Carrie that it was not time for her to go to Heaven, and that she should be comforted and at peace in knowing that she would be fine.

The next morning, Carrie came down to breakfast for the first time in months, and, like the last 3 mornings, she told her parents about what she had experienced the night before. She said that she knew that the messenger was an angel sent by the Lord and that she had a great sense of peace, and knew that she would be okay.

Barbara said that two months have passed since this series of events, and Carrie is doing very well now. She still has a few obstacles, but the whole family has been amazed at her progress since the night she was visited by an angel.

I thanked Barbara for sharing her angel story with me, and asked her permission to share it with you. I trust it will stir your spirit as much as it has mine!

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