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A couple of years ago, I requested the Lord to send angels to my mother-in-law's house to help her know about salvation and receive the message of the Gospel. About 3 weeks after this prayer, I had a vision that two angels had taken up residence on her rooftop. I have been able to “see” these angels at various times keeping watch on her rooftop. Sometimes they are together, sometimes there is only one.

They have exchanged handshakes, as if to seal an agreement, they bend their knees in worship, and they appear to be instructing her through hand gestures and by pointing to heaven. One time, I saw the smaller angel of the two angels reading a newspaper. Am I off-base or is this a real response to a real request I made?

I have never asked for a vision to see them; I only asked that they be sent. On a recent visit to her house, I took a picture of the area on her roof where these two angels stay. I could not find a sign of them on film, but I know they are there. My son visited her house too and sensed a Godly presence in a few areas of her home; one of the spots was directly under the rooftop area where I see the angels. I want to comfort my mother-in-law with this, but I want Godly biblical direction. I believe this angelic testimony will speak to her, but I don't want it to be flesh-driven.

Please shed some light on this for me.
- Carolyn

You are to be commended for wanting to share your faith in a positive way with your mother-in-law. You requested a Godly biblical foundation about angels to share with your mother-in-law. In Acts 8:26-40,God used an angel to bring a person to faith is An angel told Philip to go south to the road that went down from Jerusalem to Gaza. There Philip met an Ethiopian eunuch. When Philip shared his faith, this important official believed and was baptized.

Notice the Biblical principles that are found here and throughout the Bible. There are many things that only an angel can do, but there are others that people can do. In Acts 8, God did not use an angel to witness to the Ethiopian; God sent a human instead. In the Bible, it seems that God’s first choice is to use a person to do his will. He uses an angel when it becomes necessary a human is not willing to carry out God’s plan.

The reason you feel concern for your mother-in-law is because God has placed that concern in your heart. He is waiting, urging you, to share your faith with her. You have waited a couple of years for angels to do what God wants you to do. Don’t tell your mother-in-law about angels. Tell her about God’s love for her.

Last night, my husband woke from a dream at 11:00 p.m. and was fully awake when he saw what he describes as a little girl standing at the side of our bed with her arms resting on the bed (at first, he thought it was our 11 year old daughter). He kept staring at her, and then she just vanished into thin air. He is certain of what he saw and knows he was awake and not dreaming.

I was in the hospital last Saturday and at my own doctor’s office today, not feeling good. Could the little girl have been an angel? Please let me know what you think?
- Debbie

There is no indication that what your husband saw was an angel. There is also no reason to think it had any connection to your feeling sick or an indication that you had a serious disease that would need a a miraculous cure. Also, there is no evidence to believe this was the angel of death.

Are there any mentions of warrior angels being incarnated for the final battle? When I look at people, I can see what side they are on, and sometimes I see or sense wings and their color. I also feel and sense my own wings, and those born in my family that, at this time do not have wings. Do I need a psychiatrist? My husband, who also has wings--God bless him --calms me and says there is nothing to worry about yet. I have not even mentioned what I sense or see. He just knows.

Lately I feel that evil is all there is in the world and there is nothing but greed and envy and that leads to more greed. I am at the point where I have shut off the TV. I am also at the point where my acceptance of an ending world gives me more peace.

I am also horrified of my own dreams and visions.

For the life of me, I cannot sit and read the Bible, but what is most important to me are the 10 commandments. All I can do is fight, every day, against people who try and take what they do not have.

When I meet or see another person who is just a beautiful soul or another warrior, it is fleeting. There seems to be an unspoken rule to not mingle for too long but to acknowledge and move on.
- Renae Marie

I can understand your concern. It must be very hard on you to have dreams and visions that horrify you. You ask if you need a psychiatrist. I do not have enough information from your email nor do I have the training to make a judgment whether or not you have an underlying psychiatric condition that needs treatment. Bless your husband for being understanding and supportive. I do know that it would be helpful for you to have someone beside your husband that you could talk with. Make an appointment with a pastor or a trained counselor and share your dreams with them. Talking with them may be enough to give you relief, so do not hesitate to ask if a referral would better meet your needs.

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