How to Face Fears and Cope with Anxiety

By Susan Gregg

What is your usual way for dealing with fear?

One of the most useful ways I deal with fear is to pause, take a deep breath, and relax. I am much more likely to remember that I am surrounded by a host of non-physical helpers.  As soon as I ask for assistance, the angels are there for me.

Try these seven ways angels can help you overcome fear.

Susan Gregg is the author of eight books including "The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters" and the blogger of "Angels on Your Shoulder."

Have Faith in God

Fear is an illusion; only love is real. When I am experiencing fear, it helps when I remind myself that fear is simply the absence of faith. When I began my spiritual journey, one of my mentors told me either god was or god wasn't. The idea that god wasn't didn't make any sense, so when fear rears its ugly head, I remind myself to have faith.

Trust the Process

There is a perfection to all of life. If you changed any part of your past, you wouldn't be who you are right now. When my mom died, I thought it was an incredible tragedy--and it was.  Yet if she had lived, I would never have moved to California, met [my mentors] Sarita and Miguel, or be living in Hawaii now. The less I listen to fear, the easier it is to trust the process.

Love Yourself

Emotions are energy in motion. Energetically, love expands and fear contracts. The more you love yourself, the less effect fear has on you. Spend some time each day doing loving things for yourself. Look directly at yourself in the mirror and say, "I love myself just the way I am."  Do this every day for a month and see what happens to your fear.

Take Action to Conquer Fear

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing to fear is fear itself."  When we are afraid of our fear, it only gets bigger. When we face our fear and take action, it diminishes. So when you feel fear, ask yourself what actions you can take. The action can be unrelated to the fear; it can be as simple as calling a friend or writing a letter to your guardian angel. Whatever it is, take it and then allow yourself to feel good about doing it.

Realize Fear Is Your Friend

There is an old Hawaiian proverb that says success requires you to stick your neck out. For many years, I had a policy that if an action engendered fear, I would take it on because I knew there would be a sense of freedom on the other side [of fear]. When my fear said go left, I would go right and when my fear said don't go right, I would go right no matter what. 

Pray About Your Fear

I think of praying as having a conversation with God. I find talking to God comforting. When I pray about my fear, I not only feel comforted, but I often get a sense of direction or a feeling about what to do next.

Call on the Angels

You are always surrounded by the love and protection of angels. They are more than willing to help you as soon as you ask for their assistance.  Since you have free will, they can't help unless you ask. I was having nightmares for a while after my father died. Before I went to sleep, I would ask the angels to hold me in their arms and help me feel safe. As soon as I did, the nightmares stopped. Whenever you feel fear, ask the angels to help you feel safe, and then allow yourself to feel their love.

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