Get Enchanted by Fairies

Achieve your goals and wishes with fairy enchantments for everyday life.

By Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Fairies have long been a part of folk literature, but some people believe they can help us make dreams come true. You can communicate with them through special rituals called enchantments.

An enchantment is an active prayer. You raise the vibration of your intention through writing, visualization, affirmations or performing a ritual.  It is good to be focused and really care about what you are asking for before you begin.  Never seek to harm or manipulate people.

If your intentions are pure, the fairies will help. These enchantments are a real and beautiful way to validate your dreams, and they can be used for helping and healing in your life. They provide a way to gather energy in order to help you achieve your goals.

Read the first fairy enchantment.

Author Monte Farber and artist Amy Zerner have helped others on the path of self-discovery through The Enchanted World, a collection of books and card decks that have helped millions follow their own spiritual paths. They are also the creators of "The Truth Fairy: Enchanted Pendulum & Message Board Kit."

Enchantment for Joy

Find a picture of yourself as a child, looking joyful. Get comfortable, and sit where you can see the picture in front of you. Relax and visualize a golden ball of beautiful light surrounding the picture. Just focus on this and say:

Fairies, the child in me
Lets happiness be.
Push away dark clouds
Let joy flow free.

Close your eyes and feel the ball of light going up your legs, torso, arms, neck, and head, bringing with it the innocent, carefree, and happy state of childhood wonder. Stay with this feeling. Be at one with the child in you. When you are ready, open your eyes and feel fresh and rejuvenated. Kiss the picture.

Enchantment for Communication

Get a photo of the person you would like to express your feelings to. Say a blessing over the photo.

Talk silently or out loud to the Fairy of Communication. Say whatever comes to mind without censoring or holding back. Ask the fairy for assistance in opening the channels of communication. Raise the energy by singing the chant:

(full name) will listen to me
I want to communicate
So shall it be.

Know that the message will be received. You can also send your message as a thought--it is the intention and focus that you put into it that will be felt by the person you need to reach.

Enchantment for a Locator

This is a dream enchantment that can help you find the location of a lost person, object, or pet. It can also bring insight to your if you are considering a new place to live.

Before you go to sleep, have a piece of paper and a blue pen nearby, as well as a glass of water. Think about your question clearly. On the piece of paper, briefly write and explain what you need to have answered in your dream. Place the paper under your pillow and drink half the glass of water. Say this prayer:

I pray to the Moon
I pray to the Ground
A location for me
Shall soon be found.

Go to sleep.

Upon awakening, drink the other half of the glass of water and record your dream on the same piece of paper. A message about your question should be revealed.

Enchantment for Enlightenment

Take a magical bath to connect with the purity of your spirit. Clean your tub, draw your bath, and shut off the water. Take some sea salt into your palm and pour it gently into the water. Stir it around. Step into your bath and get comfortable.  The purpose of this bath is to dissolve those things that clog up our daily connection to the divine.

Dip your hand in the water, touch your third eye, and recite:

Enlightenment, your gift,
Dwells within me
I am truth
And I am beauty.

Feel your doubts, which separate you from truth and beauty, slip into the water and become purified.  Surround yourself with love and light.

Enchantment for Abundance

Meditate on what you want to attain or expand in your life. Try to let go of any illusions that may be blocking you from feeling that you deserve to have all that you desire. Know that by having more, you are not taking away from others. The abundance of the Universe symbolizes the abundance that is all around us and within us.

To tap into this energy, do this visualization and affirmation:

Imagine a big golden cone, like a funnel, above you with huge amounts of wealth cascading through it, pouring down all around you as you say:

Fairies, thank you
For the wealth
Headed my way.
I am grateful
Each and every day.

Enchantment for Love

Sit in a quiet place, where you won’t be interrupted. Have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. On the paper, write the word “LOVE."  Stare at it until you have it in your mind’s eye. Close your eyes. Focus on the letters of “LOVE” floating off the paper and into your heart. Feel love fill your heart. Ask it to stay with you and to guide you in life whether awake or asleep.

Open your eyes and say this prayer:

My heart is filled
With love that’s true.
I send it now
From me to you.

Fold the piece of paper and carry it with you to remind you of this enchantment. It will help magnetize love to you.

Enchantment for Success

Find a flower. Sit in front of a mirror. Hold the flower like a wand and move it around your face and body while you look at your reflection. This will help strengthen your aura. Know in your heart that you deserve success.  Say these words:

I shape and build
My inner power.
From me blooms
A perfect flower.

When you go on an interview or audition or when you need to create a successful outcome, follow the enchantment.  Make an effort to imagine your inner power as a beautiful flower and your aura as vibrant and beautiful. 


Enchantment for Banishing

Find a smooth stone that fits in the palm of your hand. The stone represents Mother Earth who can handle our problems.

Sit comfortably and play soothing music. Attune yourself to the Fairy of Banishment. Breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth to center yourself.  When you are ready, slowly exhale and release your breath onto the stone. Imagine releasing your tension and fear into the stone.  

When you feel calmer, pour running water over the stone, and recite:

I banish my fear and negativity.
This is my will--so shall it be!

Place the stone into the soil outside your home or into the soil of a potted plant to ground the energy. Relieve tension and rid yourself of some unwanted negativity.  Repeat  the enchantment as needed.

Enchantment for Wellness

Sit quietly for a while and inhale the healing powers of the Wellness Fairy. Remember how it feels to be healthy, peaceful, and strong.

Visualize a positive, white light of healing energy around your entire being. Experience it as truth. See yourself as a whole and say:

Fairies, I release my
Illness to you and accept
Your many blessings
Of Love, Light, and Laughter.

Whenever dis-ease or pain arises, repeat the prayer three times.  Meditate and envision health and wholeness radiating through your body, mind, and spirit.

Enchantment for Courage

This ritual will help purify, protect, and strengthen you to move forward. Sometimes your worries become too big and you need to ask the Fairy of Courage to help you become recharged.

Over a cup of your favorite tea, move the flat part of your palm around three times,  in a clockwise direction, while saying:

Fairies, I am the way
You are the light.
Fill this tea
With your strength and might.

Swirl the tea and drink it.  As you sit and sip your tea, reflect on how much better you feel when you focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.

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