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I enjoy your biblical insights and found them all to be true. I read a writer who said that the angel Gabriel is female. I always thought the angel Gabriel was male. Do you know which is right?
- Racin

Thanks for your question, Racine. The angel Gabriel is neither male nor female. This is not my opinion; it is based on the teachings of the Bible. Angels do not have a gender, at least as we humans know it. According to the Scripture, angels also do not reproduce. Each angel was created directly by God before the creation of our universe (Job 38:7). Humans, male and female, reproduce by having babies. Jesus also taught that angels do not marry (Matthew 22:30).

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In the movie "Constantine," Gabriel is what Constantine calls a“half breed.” Any ideas on whether or not that's true?
- Molly Desormeaux

According to the Bible, there are no half-breed angels. Every angel has been created directly by God. Angels do not have babies, so it would be impossible for an angel to be half angel and half something else.

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I watched a movie called “The Prophecy” recently. I am confused as to why the movie had Gabriel as a fallen angel who is in a battle with God. I was under the impression that Gabriel is still by God's side, and it is Lucifer that is the only fallen angel. Am I wrong? Were there more fallen angels or archangels? Is the war in heaven still raging on?
- Foofooferrari

You can't trust the movies for the truth about angels. According to the Bible, the Archangel Gabriel always has been and is still one of God’s holy angels. Many believe that Revelation 12:4 indicates that, when Satan fell, one-third of the angels fell with him. There is no indication as to whether any of the fallen angels were archangels or not. And yes, the evil angels are still active today.

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