The World's Largest Collection of Angels

Take a peek inside the Angel Museum of Beloit, Wisconsin, the only museum of its kind with the largest collection of beautiful and diverse angel figurines.

In 1998, Joyce and Lowell Berg transformed a historic church into the Angel Museum to display over 10,000 angel figurines in their private collection.  When asked why she wanted an Angel Museum, Joyce (pictured above) simply said, “I want to see a place where goodness prevails."

Start the tour of the Angel Museum and see some of the lovely figurines in the collection.

Photos and text courtesy of The Angel Museum and featured with permission.

<b>Angels Sitting on a See-Saw</b><br>While on vacation in 1976, the Bergs first became enchanted with an Italian bisque of two angels on a see-saw. This figurine, discovered in an antique shop in Florida, began their passion for collecting angels.

<b>Angel with Red Hair</b><br>Through the years, the Bergs have collected angels from visits to flea markets, antique shops, estate sales, and auctions.

<b>Black Guardian Angel</b><br>When Oprah asked her viewers in 1997 why it was difficult to find <a href="http://articles.latimes.com/2006/sep/10/news/adna-angels10" target="_blank">figurines of black angels</a>, her audience responded by sending her ones

<b>Black Angel Girl Praying</b><br>Oprah received so many black angels that she donated them to the Angel Museum. The Museum received over 600 angels from Oprah.

<b>Two Clown Angels</b><Br>Angels displayed in the museum range from 1/8 of an inch to life size.

<b>Angel Embroidery</b><br>The angels on display are also made from over 100 materials ranging from porcelain to macaroni.

<b>Angel Holding a Harp</b><br>The collection also includes memorials and gifts from hundreds of angels donated by individuals, families, and angel club members.

<b>Angel Wearing a Headdress</b><br>Artisans and crafters from over 60 different countries including Italy, Germany, Japan, India, and Russia have created angels in the collection.

<b>Angels on Top of the World</b><Br>In 2001, the Berg Angel Collection was listed by Guinness Book of World Records as being the world’s largest angel collection.

<b>Overlooking the Museum</b><br>By 2008, the collection had grown to over 13,600 angels, of which over 600 were donated by Oprah.

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