7 Signs Angels Are Sending You

By Doreen Virtue

When angels help us through life, sometimes they do so in ways that may not be immediately recognizable to us. They often deliver answers, hints, messages, and warnings through signs--signals, or anomalies in life, which let us know that they're with us.

Signs are repetitive, out of the ordinary, personally meaningful, and timed to coincide with your prayers or questions that you've posed to the Divine.  There are two steps to experiencing signs from above: (1) believe in them, and (2) notice them. Amazing life transformations occur when we learn to see and use the messages the angels give us in everyday life, in all situations, big or small.

Start clicking through this gallery to see what signs angels are sending you.

Reprinted from "Signs from Above" by Doreen Virtue, with permission of Hay House Publishers. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a fourth-generation clairvoyant and an author of over twenty books on angels including.


Clouds are heavenly bodies of moisture, hovering above us like protective angels as they float around our world. Angels love to use these natural wonders to show us signs because they can be shaped in any fashion and are spectacular to look at. Clouds are one of the most common ways that we receive “I love you” messages from Heaven. The angels' clouds are physical signs that they’re with us around the clock.


Feathers may be the ultimate angelic sign. Although feathers come in all different sizes and colors, they're amazing signs because they're directly connected with the thought, prayer, or question that you had in mind. Rarely will you find one left by the angels without knowing what it means. Either you’ll come across it while thinking about something or you'll immediately sense the association upon finding it. The angels will bring you feathers and other signs in a way tailor-made to your own level of faith.


The angels often send their messages through the sound and power of music. It seems that almost everywhere we go, silence is replaced with music in one form or another. Pay attention, as recurring songs (or a series of songs sharing a theme) are almost always a sign from above. In addition to offering a connection to Heaven, music delivers very direct messages and signs. For instance, the title or lyrics of a song that you hear repetitively offers a chance to receive specific guidance from your angels.


Coins, or currency in general, are often used by the angels to show us messages or give us guidance. All aspects of this type of sign have specific relevance to you and your path, including the time and place you find the coin, its denominations, the message written on it, and the material it's made. The next time you find a coin on the ground, know that it was purposely placed in your path. The gift of a coin helps us feel supported--financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Since the time of Noah's ark, rainbows have been symbolic of God's promise of love, care, support, and protection. When you ask the angels for a sign and you see a rainbow, it signals that your entire situation is being taken care of by them. Albino rainbows, double rainbows, and moonbows (rainbows appearing at night under the moonlight) are all so unusual that they leave no doubt as to their significance. Rainbows are not only signs, but also gifts of encouragement and guidance from the other side.


When there's an impending emergency or an excess of personal stress, the only way that the angels can ensure you'll hear them is through direct verbal communication. And if the angels talk, there's no doubt as to their message and meaning, and you should definitely listen. Hearing your name called by a disembodied voice is actually a common experience. This happens to most people as they're awakening from sleep, since that's when we're most open to hearing the angels. The voice of God and the angels is that of love and wisdom. When they speak up, it's loud, clear, and unmistakable.


Numbers are often the most interesting--and sometimes, puzzling--signs to receive from the angels. Sequences appear in recurring patterns, and if you don't know what you’re looking at, it can feel as if someone or something is out to confuse you. Numbers signs come from all over. When you see repeating numbers in your life, ask your angels what they mean or look them up in the book Angel Numbers 101. Numbers can also give us the courage we need to move forward and grow in our lives.

Steps to Receiving Signs from Above

1. Ask. It's best not to specify what type you want to appear. Instead, just notice the repetitive patterns that occur after you put in your request.

2. Have Faith. Trust that the angels are with you, and have faith in the signs that they send.

3. Trust in Divine Timing. Every prayer is heard and answered, but sometimes the fulfillment seems delayed as the angels work behind the scenes to orchestrate the details.

4. Notice the Signs. The angels are happy to keep repeating signs until you notice them. Even if you don’t grasp the meaning of one, noticing it is important. It’s a good idea to ask the angels to explain what it means, in addition to trusting your gut feelings and ideas about its significance.

5. Take Action When Guided. Signs from above often give you messages about actions you can take to bring about the answer to your prayers.

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