Metatron, the Archangel of the Presence, is as real and tangible as the chair you sit in as you read this. He is as close as the heart pumping blood within your chest and, if you choose, he can become as important to your everyday life as that very same circulatory system. If you are looking for a closer relationship with Creator, Metatron can facilitate it. He can, and will, become your closest angelic ally if you so desire it, and having an angel in your corner can benefit you in ways you may only think possible in dreams. Metatron can help with so many aspects of life, and he is only a peti-tion away. This book will show you how to get in touch with Metatron in order to become a better you.

If you study and work with angels, you begin to understand that each has certain areas of expertise. Some of the better-known Archangels are called upon for their help in and affinity for particular situations. Perhaps you are familiar with the four main Archangels in Western thought and their traditional strengths.

Metatron is no different; he is fully as powerful and helpful as the four Archangels with whom most of us are familiar. Working with him can especially help you in these ways:

  • balancing your masculine and feminine energies
  • balancing your material and spiritual pursuits
  • balancing karmic issues
  • bringing peace and understanding to your life issues related to past and current incarnations
  • promoting better and more fulfilling relationships between you, others, and Creator
Like all angels, Metatron is personable, loving, and interested in benefiting humanity in any way possible. As I began to work with Metatron’s energy, he impressed me with the following information, which I share with you with my own commentary:

  • Metatron is available to work with anyone on any type of issue or problem. Nothing is too big or too small for his scope of practice. The only requirement is your sincere desire to better yourself and to bring love and blessings to those whose lives you touch. Like all angels, Metatron asks nothing in return for his help and guidance but your own devotion to promoting love—which is, ultimately, God—in the Universe. That’s what angels are all about.

  • Gratitude goes a long way in spiritual work. Don’t forget to say thank you when something you have been asking for or working toward comes through for you. The angels, Metatron included, will gladly share their energy with you. That in itself is a humbling experience. Gratitude fosters the Divine connection we all have with our Creator and with all creations.

  • Humility is a virtue that promotes spiritual growth. Have you heard the saying that EGO stands for “easing God out"? Working with angels can be an incredibly exciting adventure. Always remember, however, that angels work with all people who ask for their guidance and aid. They do not play favorites; they have no ego to speak of, so they never think about what benefit they themselves receive from the interaction. You are just as worthy of their attention as anyone else. The Serbians have a beautiful proverb: “Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.” Nowhere can this be felt more deeply than in spiritual pursuits and angelic communication.

  • Angelic contact can be fun. Forging a relationship with Metatron, or any angelic entity, can be an intimidating prospect. Thoughts like What if I’m doing it wrong? or I’m not worthy of this attention do not serve you or anyone else on the planet. All angels, including Metatron, are forgiving and loving beings. They are chiefly concerned with humanity; we are one of their most important charges. They realize we make mistakes, and they’re OK with that. You must be OK with it, too. Remember to laugh. Angels have a high energy vibration, and laughter, which raises our own energy, helps us connect better with them. When you’re feeling sad or upset, doesn’t it usually help to watch a funny movie or recall a humorous story? Let yourself enjoy your angelic communications.

  • It’s wise to trust what you get from angelic contact. Because our society prizes scientific thought so highly, we have been trained from a very young age to favor the left side of our brain, the hemisphere that controls logical thinking. The right side, which controls creativity, imagination, and intuition, has been relegated to second-class status. The right brain, however, is the side we use to communicate with angels and Spirit. Because it’s also the side in charge of imagination, we often think we are making up the images, words, or feelings we receive when we first open ourselves to angelic communion. You are not making it up! If you set your intention to work from a place of love when you ask Metatron, or any other angel, to be with you, then whatever you receive in your communications is truth. Trust it, and trust yourself!

  • Getting to know Metatron and learning to work with his energy are among the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I have learned countless lessons about my own spiritual path that I’m not sure I would have discovered had he not led me to them. If you are ready to have a similar journey, I encourage you to keep reading, and to use this invocation to connect with Metatron.

    An invocation is an appeal for help, usually of a spiritual nature. Just saying “Hey, Metatron, I could use some assistance,” is actually an invocation, and you can always feel free to spontaneously call for his help if you need it, without worrying whether your words are perfect. But if you’d like something a little more formal, especially at the beginning, center yourself by taking a few slow, deep breaths, and then read these words aloud:

    Archangel Metatron, wise counselor and genuine friend of humanity,
    I speak to you now to forge a connection with you,
    A connection I hope to make stronger with each passing day.
    I hope to know you better.
    I hope to open my eyes, ears, and heart to your knowledge and wisdom.
    I hope, with your help, to become the person I am meant to be.
    Please know that it is my sincere desire to be of service to God and humanity as I forge this connection,
    And help me to understand how I may best serve God’s plan.
    Thank you and bless you. And so it is, amen.

    What do you feel now that you’ve said this invocation? Try to notice everything, even little pricks or tingles in your body. Do you feel calm? Excited? Hot or cold? All of these can be messages to you, signals of Metatron’s presence. You called him in, didn’t you? He came, and these small signs let you know he’s around. As you work with his energy, you may find that these signals intensify, proving that Metatron is right there with you when you need him. Pay attention to all the subtle thoughts and feelings that begin to emerge when you focus on connecting with Metatron. These are important and valid.

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