Communicating with Angels

By Glennyce S. Eckersley and Gary Quinn

Angelic powers can protect you, guide you, and strengthen your connection with the Higher Source. Whatever your age or your personal background, angels will be ready to work with you at all times.

Prayers will help you to communicate your own thoughts and feelings with them. You may wish to write down some of the prayers so that you can carry them with your and draw on them whenever you want to.

Begin communicating with God's messengers with the angel prayers in this gallery.

Quoted with permission, from Angel Wisdom (c) 2008 by Glennyce S. Eckersley and Gary Quinn, published by Tarcher/Penguin.

Angels, Create a Clear Path

May the angels guide me with divine love.
I know divine guidance watches over me and creates a clear path.
I am now reborn spiritually, bringing divine love, light, and truth into all my experiences.

Angels, Guide My Life

May the angels guide my life.
In every ray of light that shines,
In every drop of rain,
Angels are present.
I am a perfect spirit, speaking perfect words.

Angels, Protect Me

May the angels watch over and protect me.
I seek the strength to be strong and renew a right spirit within me.
Angels guide me in my heart, and in my home.

Angels, Bring Your Songs

Almighty angelic hosts, bring your joyous voices, and beloved songs to my soul.
I accept your guidance and welcome the presence of angels in my everyday life.

Angels, Give Me Wisdom

May the angels give me insight, wisdom, and love.
May my angels always guide me to the perfect place, the right place.

Angels, Watch Over Me

May the light of angels surround me.
The love of angels enfold me,
The power of angels protect me.

May the angels always watch over me.

Angels, Bless Me with Light

May the angel of love surround me with trust.
May the oceans bless me with light and divine purity.
I celebrate life’s beauty, in all its joy and love.

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