Tips to Meditate and Meet Your Angelic Guardian

By Tom T. Moore

Three years ago I discovered that I could contact my guardian angel through meditation by putting myself into an altered state. Since then I’ve asked hundreds of questions, and I feel that I have a much better understanding of the angelic world.

Here are tips on how anyone can prepare for meditating with their angels.

Tom T. Moore is the author of "The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels." Visit his website at www.TheGentleWayBook.com.

Discover Your Guardian's Name

Many people have asked me how to pose questions to guardian angels and how to find out a guardian angel’s name. During meditation one day, I asked my guardian to give me a name, and I was surprised by the answer. 

I had always believed our human language could not really capture names in the angelic realm. The answer came to me as follows: Your vocal cords are just not trained to do this, nor could they be. You would simply be frustrated if you tried. Keep in mind that labels are not that big a deal where I am, so it matters not to me whether you call me Theo, or Tom, Dick or Harry.

I call him Theo.

Find a Quiet Time and Place

You may find that one of the hardest things to do in meditation is quieting your mind. I normally meditate at 6:00 a.m. while it’s still dark and before my mind starts jumping to all the tasks for the day, but choose whatever quiet time and place are best for you.

In a notebook, list the questions that you wish to ask your guardian angel. Begin with general questions, since personal questions can get bogged down in blocks and preconceived opinions.

The messages you receive are like dreams. You will quickly forget them when you emerge from your meditation, so it's necessary to jot down the messages you receive. There are three ways to record the messages you receive:

1. Write them in your notebook.
2. Type them on your computer along with the questions.
3. Record them on a tape or digital recorder.

Get Comfortable and Concentrate

When I first started, I used some very light New Age-type music (like Robert Coxon's gentle music) to assist me in concentrating. Music can help to ease you into a gentle, meditative state. If you still have trouble concentrating, you might wish to purchase a meditation CD. I prefer Dick Sutphen's CDs; he has the perfect voice.

Get comfortable, close your eyes, and start breathing in through your nose and then out through slightly parted lips. If your mind is “chattering” or racing with thoughts, start holding your breath for a count of four.  When you let out your breath, release it for a count of four.  Repeat this several times. This practice forces your mind to concentrate on your breath and not on random thoughts.

Breathe in White Light

Imagine that you are breathing in beautiful white light that you direct to the tips of your toes and the tips of your fingers. As you continue to breathe in and out, imagine that you are sending this white light out from your heart, in a spiraling motion, around your body. This is for your protection.

Say to yourself, “Only those beings that are of a higher vibration than I am or at the same vibration can communicate with me at this time. Thank you.”

Send Light to the World

You might want to imagine sending white light to the whole planet earth, especially to the darkest, most challenged places on earth. This practice acts as a prayer for the earth and is very beneficial to all.

Simply Speak and Ask

Now, imagine yourself going deeper into the meditation. When I first began, I imagined myself going down seven steps of stairs, with each one taking me deeper and deeper. 

Simply ask to speak to your guardian angel and wait for a reply.  The reply is often so fast that you might think you are saying the answers. In a way you are, since what you receive are “thought packets,” as Theo describes them. These "thought packets" are filtered according to your spiritual beliefs, your cultural background, and your education. So 10 people could ask the same question and receive 10 different answers. These answers are for you. Start recording the “thought packets.”

Slowly Awaken

After you have finished asking all your questions, simply thank your guardian angel and wish your guardian a “good life.”  Of course, angels are immortal, but it is a nice gesture just the same!

Slowly awaken. You can count from one to five, with five being “fully awake,” if you feel this helps. At this time, you may wish to read the answers that you wrote or typed. This will help bring you back.

What Can You Ask an Angel?

So what questions can you ask? They can be questions about everyday events, politics, or celebrities. I’ve asked questions such as “Does John Lennon act as one of Paul McCartney’s guardian angel?” and “Why was Bob Dylan able to write such diverse music?”

There are also many questions you can ask about the angelic world, such as:

- “How many guardian angels are there?”
- “How many guardian angels do I have?”
- “How were the guardian angels assigned to me?”
- “How many people does a guardian angel take care of?”
- “Do guardian angels act as my conscience?”

The one major thing that angels will not do is to tell you to take "this" path or "that" path. They can only do that through “whispers in your ear,” as Theo calls it. These "whispers" have many names such as gut instinct, intuition, etc., but the decisions are left to you.

Practice Communicating

If you are like me, it will take lots of practice, practice, practice to achieve good meditative results. My accuracy was only 15% to 30% initially, but it became better and better the more I meditated. Meditating is like learning to ride a bike or play chess, or like learning a new language. The more you work at it, the better you get, and I can guarantee that the results are worth the effort! 

You have so much assistance available to you from your guardian angels and other angelic beings. They will be happy to assist you, since they always have your best interests at heart; they love you dearly.

Start on the journey of discovery. Make the commitment. You'll be glad you did.

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