If you’ve ever had an impulse to come to the aid of a stranger, you may have unknowingly been a temporary member of Archangel Michael’s band of helping angels. The infinite wisdom that directs all beings of Heaven, including Michael, has instant and ingenious solutions to all prayers. Sometimes those answers involve humans coming to the rescue of the person in need. Very often, the rescuers are named Michael, as I experienced when I required Heaven’s help during a visit to Adelaide, Australia.

I was doing sit-ups when I felt my back twist the wrong way. I was in pain and knew that a skilled chiropractor could pop it into place quickly. My husband, Steven, and I prayed that we’d be able to find a good chiropractor in Adelaide. It was a scary thought to select one without a personal referral in a strange city and country. “Please, God and angels,” I prayed, “help me find someone who will pop my back into place without drugs or x-rays, in one session.”

We asked the hotel concierge to find a chiropractor who could see me that day. An hour later, the concierge said he was having trouble finding anyone with an opening. Then he pointed to a phone-book listing and said, “There’s one more doctor I haven’t yet tried. I’ll call his office next.”

We went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and the concierge excitedly came in to tell us the last chiropractor he’d called had just had a cancellation for a 3:30 p.m. appointment. Since I was giving a seminar that evening in Adelaide, the timing was absolutely perfect.

As I dressed for the chiropractic appointment, I worried that it was dangerous to pick someone out of the phone book randomly. Then a peaceful and powerfully reassuring feeling washed over me, and I knew with certainty that everything was in God’s hands and fully taken care of. I was sure the Divine had arranged for a wonderful chiropractor who’d totally answer my prayers. As we rode in the taxi to the appointment, Steven commented, “I sure hope this guy is good!”

I said, “I know he will be,” and I told my husband about the reassurance I’d received from God.

As we walked through the door of the King William Road Chiropractic office, Steven pointed to the sign and said, “Look at the doctor’s name!” The sign read: Michael Angeli. Archangel Michael had protected me once again by sending me to his namesake.

Dr. Angeli indeed looked like a cherubic incarnated angel, with large brown eyes and a shy smile. When I asked about his last name, he explained that it meant “angels” in Italian. Dr. Angeli gently popped my back into place in one visit, without using drugs or x-rays . . . just as I’d asked for in my prayers!

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