Visions of Angels

How do you picture angels? As shapeless beings of bright light or gentle figures with cascading wings? In this gallery, our readers have painted angels from their imaginations. While the paintings share similarities--long robes and majestic feathers make their appearance--each provides a spectacular and unique vision of God's messengers. 

See the angel paintings our readers have envisioned.

<b>Transformation Angel</b><br><br>This angel was painted in January of 2008, during the change into a new year. Like some of my other angels, she reflects the promising metamorphosis of one's path in life from adversity to calm. She&nbsp;is transformed b

<b>Keeping Watch</b><br><br>Art is a very therapeutic process for me. I am very interested in the spiritual and the unknown, and I tend to use those elements as themes in some of my works. I find that nature and some of life's experiences tend to fuel my

<b>Mija's Angel</b><br><br>This was drawn by my daughter Celina and was sent to me during Christmas 2007. This just goes to show that no matter how old you get, a picture drawn for a mother from her child is priceless. I cherish it every day because Celin

<b>Archangel Gabriel</b><br><Br>About 38 years ago, I defected with my dear father, a master graphic artist and iconographer, from Communist Romania, and we were greeted by Lady Liberty. I have been leading an artistic existence since [then, with] Byzanti

<b>Archangel Raphael</b><br><br>[This is] my version of the Archangel Raphael (with ankh).&nbsp; I&nbsp;wanted to show him&nbsp;in his "new "energy....People tell me they feel the energy coming from the painting and it helps them in their growing process

<b>Angels of the Blue Beyond</b><br><Br>My niece, near death, described to me a vision of angels in great detail. She asked me to paint the vision so it could be displayed at her memorial service, a gift to her grieving family. When she saw a photograph o

<b>Angels Among Us</b><Br><Br>This painting was created for my mother as she was passing away. She wanted me to paint the little country church she attended and loved that was getting torn down. As much as we tried to save the church, we couldn't. I felt

A Message of Healing and Love with Archangel Raphael
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