Seeing Angels Every Day

Angels really are everywhere, and they send us reminders of their presence in unusual ways. Beliefnet has featured other galleries on this topic, and our readers still continue to see angels. They appear as silhouettes in the sky, spirits in the sand, and even shapes in the snow.

Click through this latest gallery to see the wondrous and surprising angel photos that help us remember there's divinity in the most ordinary things.

<b>Homeward Bound</b><br><Br>Going home from work, I saw this angel wing in the air. [The angel] was there all the way home. When I got home, I saw [an] angel's face in the sunset. I felt like she was watching over me on my commute.<br><br><b>Susan<br>Mar

<b>Spirit in the Sand</b><br><Br>I was on holiday at Binningup Beach in West Australia during January 2001. I went for a walk down to the beach to do some thinking. I walked through the water's edge for a while before sitting down, looking out to the hori

<b>Now You See Her, Now You Don't</b><Br><Br>I was flying home to Philly from Texas. Towards the upper right hand side of this picture, there is a face of a woman. Some people see it, some don't. <br><br><b>Connie Lynn Ruger<br>Chester, PA</b>

<b>Heavenly Healer</b><Br><Br>The afternoon before my son was to have tumors removed from his stomach, this photo was taken. Thanks to this powerful angel, today [my son] is healthy and strong.<br><br><b>Scott Monroe<br>Rockford, MI</b>

<b>A Spectacular Feather</b><br><Br>We were driving home from Roanoke Rapids, NC, when I saw this very special angel. I was so surprised to see such a spectacular sight. I felt like she was guiding us safely home.<br><br><b>Joyce Bruder<br>Taylorsville, N

<b>Angel's Mark</b><br><Br>We are an army family and like most military families we have been through our share of long temporary duties (TDYs) and deployments. We had been stressfully waiting to hear where our next relocation would be since my husband's

<b>The Snow Cherub</b><br><Br>This is a photo of the back stairs of the Chicago apartment I lived in during winter 2004/2005. There's a profile of a little cherub sitting on a step. <br><br><B>Catherine Fritz<br>Chicago, IL </b>

<b>Guided by Angels</b><br><Br>One of my daughters took this photo during our monsoon season in August 2007. She immediately sent it to me from her cell phone and said she felt like an angel was reaching out to guide her during a most troublesome time in

<b>Wings in the Twilight</b><br><br>This was taken when I was working at a customer's home (I'm a pet sitter). It was just a beautiful sight around sunset and it reminded me that angels are all around if we just look for them.<br><br><b>Kathy Gibbons<br>H

<b>Freedom Figure</b><br><br>This picture was taken on July 4, 2006 at the Independence Day parade in Los Lunas, NM. I had been missing my dad, who had passed away on April 26, 2004. I took a picture of some horsemen in the parade. When I got home, I was

<b>Guardian at Sea</b><br><Br>I took this photo on a family cruise. It is very special to me because I was missing my daughter. She was supposed to be on the cruise, but at the last minute she couldn't make it. I felt the angel was telling me that [my dau

<b>Angel Through the Dark</b><br><br>One morning I was having a particularly rough start to my day. I wanted to crawl back under the covers and hide that morning, but I forced myself to get up and get moving. As I was driving to work, I shot this with my

<b>Surprised by an Angel</b><Br><Br>I took this picture from my patio and I didn't realize what a beautiful angel I had captured until I had the film developed. I truly believe there are angels among us! <br><br><b>Noreen Nadeau<br>Largo, FL</b>

<b>Silhouette at Sunset</b><br><Br>These photos were taken one evening in 2005 as I was sitting in my front yard with my camera, waiting to see the sunset. I actually captured a series of photos of the baby angel transforming into a mature angel complete

<b>An Amazing Reminder</b><br><br>I was looking up one day and I was amazed to see this angel. I have it framed in my living room so that I see it often....<br><br><b>Victoria M. McWhorter<br>Toano, VA </b>

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