Have You Seen an Angel?

Beliefnet readers share photos of unusual angel sightings.

Was that an angel's shadow on the wall or an angel's outline in the sky? In this updated gallery, our readers share more photos of celestial figures they saw morning to night, grouped in clouds and shaped in waterfalls.

Click through this gallery of angel photos and decide whether these imprints remind you of God's messengers--or something else.

<b>Comfort in the Clouds</b><br><br>While walking one evening on a pier, the sky opened up with this angel. We had just moved [to Texas] from California after tragically losing our 38-year-old son to suicide. This angel was very comforting to me.<br><br><

<b>Divine Creations</b><br><Br>While on a nature hike with my great nephew, we discussed God's wonderful creations and how he made the trees, birds, grass, and everything. I took a picture of some [shipping] containers we sell at work and this was the pic

<b>Something Amazing</b><bR><Br>As I was going home from work one rainy afternoon in Sept. 2007, I took out my camera as I always do. I wanted to get a good shot of the sun's rays coming down from behind the dark clouds. [W]hen I downloaded this photo, I

<b>No Ordinary Woman</b><Br><Br>I took this picture in my back garden in late summer 2007. I couldn't believe my eyes as the angel hovered above me for about 10 minutes. Everyone I have shown the picture to thinks it is a woman. Personally, I believe it i

<b>Horseman with Sword</b><br><Br>My son took [this photo] as we were driving to Ocean Shores, WA. We had been discussing the coming of Christ and [in] this picture you can see a figure on a horse with a sword--in the sun!<br><br><b>Donna Blakley<br>Sumne

<b>Rush Hour Details</b><br><br>I had just spent a challenging afternoon with my 90-year-old father trying to sort some problems he was having. As I left his residence, I looked up and saw an angel in the sky. [This] picture was taken in downtown San Mate

<b>Wings in the Waterfall</b><Br><br>Here is a picture I took of a waterfall near Malibu, California. What a surprise when I developed the picture to see an angel with wings and a tilted head with a halo. My angel follows me and I have another picture of

<b>A Cheerful Sight to See</b><br><Br>While driving my daughter to her night class, I was about to shield my eyes from the setting sun when I saw this cloud in the sky. Instantaneously, I grabbed my camera. The photo cheered me up from my everyday routine

<b>Angels in the Storm</b><br><br>One day in November 2005, there was a big storm cloud moving across Keweenaw Bay. I noticed the contrast of the dark, black cloud and the blazing sun. The photo I took looks absolutely angelic--blue orbs and all! <br><br>

<b>A Trail of Angels</b><br><Br>In spring 2006, my daughter Kelley and I were in the car going to her voice lessons. As we were driving we noticed how unusual the sky looked--bright blue with wispy clouds. There was no denying the clouds looked like angel

<b>The Shadow of an Angel</b><br><br>My 41-year-old husband died on Nov. 30, 2004 from pancreatic cancer. I asked him to send me signs when he arrived safely in heaven. He told me, "In two weeks it will all be said and done and you can move on with your l

<b>Miracles to Strengthen Faith</b><br><Br>This photograph was taken on Sunday, November 30, 2003. I believe the Divine gave this miracle--clouds shaped like angels--to strengthen my faith and to remind me there is something much greater.<br><br><b>Angelo

<b>Window Visitors</b><br><br>In June 2003, I snapped this photo while children were putting on a play in church. I always pray God will send angels to watch over the children so I wasn't shocked to discover angels coming through the window.<br><br><b>Jan

<b>Mother-and-Child in the Sky</b><br><br>My husband and I were fishing on the Indian River near our home. I told my husband to look at a cloud shaped like an angel's wing. When I developed the picture I took of the cloud, I noticed it also looked like an

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