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Could those who have had angel experiences be the ones more in need of seeing God's spiritual creations? I lump myself as a Doubting Thomas.
- Veronica7G

Who are the ones most likely to have angels in their lives? Those who are the most spiritual? Those who need it the most?

This is one question that cannot by answered by conducting a poll. It would be impossible to determine how spiritual a person is and then see whether or not they have experienced angels. What we do know is that many dedicated Christians have never seen an angel while some unlikely individuals, who consider themselves far from God, have had angels intervene in their lives. Having encounters with angels is not a mark of spirituality.

Angels are active in everyone’s life, but not everyone sees them and the Bible gives no instructions on how to contact angels either. The scriptures do teach that angels come into a person’s life when God decides to make an angel's presence known.  Through the centuries, many Christians passing through a dry spiritual period longed for a special closeness to God. At such times, they questioned why God did not give them an experience to help them. Mature believers have come to understand that it takes more faith to trust God in the darkness than in the light. Less mature believers, on the other hand, are more in need of mountain-top experiences. One thing is clear. God works in mysterious ways and, for reasons we do not understand, sends his angels to some and not to others.

What can I do to bring even more of God’s angels into my life and my home?  I met an angel one time when I was 27. She saved my life and I just want more and more about heaven, angels, and God’s love in my life. Angels are one of my greatest passions--they are truly a gift from God himself.
- Melynda Kaario

How wonderful! What a blessing to have an angel save your life. The angel not only saved your life but also opened your heart so you would love God more completely. The angels always point a person to God, never to themselves or other angels. Instead of asking, “How can I bring even more of God’s angels into my life and home?” your real question should be, “How can I bring more of God into my life and home?” The Bible gives a clear answer—love (I Corinthians 13).

The best way to show our love for God is to love one of his children. Make it your goal to consistently do acts of love. Look for those who may need love most. In this way, you will bring even more of God into your life and home. If it is God’s will, more angels will, too.

I have a grandson that has mild to moderate Down Syndrome. He is six-years-old and is considered very learnable and smart. We have noticed there are times he stares out the window and appears to be having a conversation with another person. He has a speech impediment, but he speaks clearly to this person, responding “yeah” and “no."  It really has us mystified and we find it fascinating to watch him when he is unaware. His school teacher tells us he has an angel he talks to--could she be right?
- Betty Keating

Yes, it is very possible that your grandson is talking with an angel. It seems that God often sends angels to give special care and encouragement to children who have problems that isolate them from the typical actions and reactions of life. Sometimes the child is not able to tell other people about the angel in their life; other times the child feels it is a secret too personal to share. We know this from the children who do share their experiences later with a parent or a trusted adult. It is likely that for every child who recounts experiences with angels, there are many more who never speak of it. Although some children remember experiences with angels in their adult years, their memories eventually fade and are forgotten. Angels give their presence, love, and support even to those who appear unable to speak or to relate with their surroundings. Here is one account:

Kathleen was one of a team of registered nurses who attended Michelle around the clock. When she was 17-months-old, Michelle had almost drowned. She was five-years-old when Kathleen started working with her. Michelle was considered a vegetable. Severely retarded by the noxia of the drowning, she couldn’t speak because she had a tracheostomy and was fed through a gastronomy tube. As Kathleen nursed her young patient, she wondered if there was anything she could do to break through to Michelle and tap the intelligence behind the little girl’s eyes.

One night Michelle wasn’t sleepy, so Kathleen began to talk to her, expecting no response. When Kathleen mentioned angels, the change in Michelle was immediate and pronounced. Her features became animated and she began blinking her eyes repeatedly in the universal signal for “yes.” Surprised but pleased, Kathleen continued the conversation. She was able to ask only yes-no questions, but slowly the nurse realized that this lonely, locked-in little girl had been comforted and befriended—by angels.

That conversation was an opening in more ways than one. Describing her angelic visitors was the opening of a door not only between her and Kathleen but also between Michelle and others. Now, years later, Michelle still has her physical problems, but she is alert, considers herself very much alive, and communicates with others with a special computer.

I'm ten-years-old. In March my favorite puppy died because he got hit by a car. I want to know if he's my angel. I miss him soooo much! Is he? I cry a lot and sometimes I feel like he's right beside me. His name is Perry.
- Julienny Macedo

Hi, Julienny. You are not the only one who wonders if a dog who dies has become an angel. I can tell from your question that your puppy was special, that he loved you, and that he was always there for you. This is something you should always treasure. It takes time to get over missing a pet like Perry. When you feel like he is right beside you, be thankful that you had such a good friend. Not every ten-year-old has had such a best friend. Remember the good times you have had together. It’s also okay to talk to Perry and to tell him how you are feeling. You can still share your secrets with him.

Yes, you do have an angel, but no, Perry is not your guardian angel. You see, dogs never become angels when they die. God made every angel, and from the beginning of time they have always been an angel. They have never been anything else. Here’s the good news: You do have a guardian angel and that angel loves you even more than your puppy. Perry was special; your angel is even more special. Your angel is very, very wise, and has years of experience. Your angel always knows how to help you in the best way. Maybe some day you may see your angel. Even if you don’t, you can be certain your angel will always be there for you. So thank God for your special puppy and thank God for your very special angel as well.
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