Ordinary, pleasant people who are not involved in any spiritual work may, when they die, become guardian angels who look after similarly ordinary, pleasant people who are still alive. The identity of the individual the guardian angel picks may be determined by the relationship they had with the person while on this realm. A man may, for example, choose to become his wife's guardian angel after he dies. She may be completely unaware of this, but he can nevertheless help her in unseen ways [...].

A more advanced discarnate, residing on a higher realm, may choose to become the guide of someone who is on the spiritual path, because they particularly want to help that person in their own spiritual development.  Or, as is the case with St Rock, they may make contact, because they wish to support the work that the individual is involved with. These guides can also become your finest friends as well.

One of the most unusual cases of guides being interested only in a particular project occurred in a small town called Wollongong in Australia. I was staying in Sydney with a friend of mine, Christine, and her family while I was on tour promoting the truth about UFOs. In our youthful zealousness, we had created a publicity schedule which was so hectic as to be almost unworkable—particularly the day we had set aside for Wollongong, a place neither of us were very familiar with, where had had arranged to cram in a radio interview, a TV interview, a newspaper interview and an evening lecture.

The radio interview went extremely well. We were inundated with calls and I came out feeling very satisfied—though a little concerned about how to cope with everything that was coming next.

But unexpected help was at hand: Christine and I were greeted in the reception area by an ordinary-looking, middle-aged woman who had heard the show and driven over to meet us.

"Hi, you must be Richard. Listen, I've got a car and my guides have told me to help you in any way I can today, so anywhere you wanna go, I'm happy to drive you there."

Not nearly as surprised by things as perhaps I should have been, I accepted her kind offer and off we went, while Christine went to check out the hall.

What did surprise us, however, was what happened at the end of the days. Just before the lecture was due to start, I thanked her for all her help and offered her a complimentary ticket to attend the lecture—it was the least I could do after everything she'd done for us.

"Erm, no, no, not for me, thanks. I'll leave if you're sure there's nothing else I can help with."

"Well, no, there's nothing else for you to help us with…but are you sure you won't stay?" I asked, a bit puzzled.

"Oh, I'm not into this kind of stuff at all. It's my guides. I don't even agree with a lot of what you say, but I know they do…my guides, that is, and that's why the asked me to come and help."

It seemed unbelievable, but off she went, and I never saw her again. She must have been an exceptionally disciplined medium, in that not only was she able to receive an instruction she didn't agree with, but she also was willing to act upon it without question.

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